Olympus D-520 Zoom Review

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Olympus D-520 Zoom

Record Mode Screens & Menus

A typical record mode screen showing icons for selftimer, SHQ quality, the position of the zoom is shown briefly whenever it is changed, and there's space on the SM card for another 82 pictures.

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom

When the Macro mode is enabled the color LCD automatically turns on so you can use it as a viewfinder. The optical viewfinder suffers from parallax at extreme close range so it is best to use the LCD for framing.

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom

Record screen in movie mode, HQ quality (320 x 240), flash is disabled and there is enough memory left for a total recording time of 410 minutes but the maximum length of each clip in HQ mode is 15 seconds (60 seconds for 160 x 120 SQ mode). No sound is recorded as the camera has no microphone.

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom

Pressing the MENU button while in Record mode brings up this onscreen menu with four options: DRIVE, MODE, FUNCTION and RESOLUTION.

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom

DRIVE options:

    SINGLE - Normal single-shot exposure mode

    SEQUENCE - 1.2fps burst up to 8 frames in HQ mode

    MOVIE - Motion video capture at 15fps

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom

MODE leads to four sub-menus for CAMera, PICture, CARD and SETUP:
    CAMera options:
      Exposure Compensation - Override metering +/- 2EV in 0.5EV steps

      Digital Zoom - Enable/disable digital zoom

      Metering - ESP or Spot

    PICture options:

      White Balance - Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent


      Format - Format the SM card

    SETUP options:

      All Reset - If ON it resets all setting to default at power down

      Sounds - Enable or disable camera beeps

      Rec View - If ON then immediately view image after capture

      LCD Brightness - Adjust the color LCD backlight

      Time/Date - Set the internal clock

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom

FUNCTION options:

    2 in 1 - Capture 2 images side-by-side in one frame

    Portrait - Portrait mode

    Panorama - Captures up to 10 images using the Stitch Assist mode on the LCD which is combined later on the computer.

Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom


    SHQ - 1600 x 1200 low compression

    HQ - 1600 x 1200 high compression

    SQ1 - 1024 x 768

    SQ2 - 640 x 480

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