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Olympus C-50 Zoom

Playback Screens & Menus

When you switch the Mode dial from record to Play you are shown a fullscreen review of the last image you captured like the one above. This can also be displayed in Record mode by pressing the Quick View button.

Olympus C-50

From the menu you can select the INFO option and turn it on. You will now see the following information displayed on top of each picture. This picture was shot in SHQ mode, the filesize is 2560 x 1920 pixels, the aperture value was F4.5, the shutter speed was 1/640 second, the exposure compensation was 0.0, the white balance was automatic and the ISO sensitivity was set at 80. Next line is the date and time and on the bottom is the folder and filename.

Olympus C-50

To quickly search through your stored images you move the zoom control lever to the wideangle position and it brings up a thumbnail index page. Using the 4-way jog switch you can select an image and then display it fullscreen. This display can be set for 4, 9 or 16 thumbnail images per page.

The little green icons: A "key" means the image is protected. The "camera" icon means it is a movie clip. The "printer" icon means it has been selected for DPOF printing.

Olympus C-50

While viewing an image fullscreen you move the zoom control lever to the telephoto position and magnify the image up to 4x. You can now move around the image using the 4-way jog switch to examine the picture for color, detail or focus.

Olympus C-50

Play mode MENU options:

    - Slideshow playback start

    INFO - Enable or disable the camera and exposure information shown in playback mode.

    - Set DPOF (digital print order format) information

    MODE MENU - Go to the full menu, see next frame.

Olympus C-50


      ROTATE - Rotate portrait mode images 90° for TV display


      BLACK&WHITE - Change color image to B&W

      SEPIA - Change color image to sepia toned

      RESIZE - Create a 640x480 or 320x240 size image


      CARD - Delete images or format flash card.


      ALL RESET - Reset all settings to default.

      - Beep sound: Off, Low, High

      - Adjust LCD backlight intensity

      - Set the time and date

      - Thumbnail display: 4, 9 or 16 images

      VIDEO OUT - Set the video signal to NTSC or PAL standard

Olympus C-50

This is a fullscreen playback of a HQ quality 320x240 QuickTime movie clip.

Olympus C-50

You can also create an index file from a movie clip. You pick the desired images and a 1024x768 still image is created with nine frames from the movie.

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