Playback Screens & Menus


Pressing the playback button will bring up the last image or video captured full screen. Here we can see a video file cycling through the different screen display options. You can choose to see minimal information (default), extended exposure info with a histogram, or no information at all. This is all controlled by pressing the DISP button on the back of the camera. Using the left and right and right buttons on the 4-way controller will navigate through files. Pressing OK will start playback of the video file.

nikon_j1_play_index_anim.gifTo help you quickly search trough stored files, you can pull up the Index playback option by pressing down on the rocker switch on the back of the camera. Pressing it once will bring up 4 large thumbnails, and as you continue to press the lever down you can display 9 or 72 thumbnails, as well as a calendar function that sorts photos by the date in which they were captured.

nikon_j1_play_zoom.jpgPushing the same lever upward will engage the Magnify playback option. Here you can zoom in on different areas of an image to critically inspect exposure, focus, noise, etc. Once enlarged, you use the Up, Down, Left, and Right directions on the 4-way controller to navigate inside the frame. At the lower left you can see a map that shows you which portion is magnified, indicated by a yellow square.

nikon_j1_play_menu.jpgPlayback menu options:
  • Delete - Delete files from the memory card
  • Slide Show - Start an automated slide show of images and/or movies stored on the SD card; Image type, Select Scene, Frame Interval, Movie Playback time, Audio. 
  • Rotate tall - Automatic image rotation; On or Off
  • DPOF print order - Choose the print settings for direct printing via USB
  • Protect - Protect files from deletion
  • Rating - Rate images
  • D-Lighting - Apply D-Lighting to an image to increases brightness and shadow detail
  • Resize - Reduce the dimensions of an image, while keeping the same framing and aspect ratio
  • Crop - Crop out a portion of an image and save it as a new file
  • Edit Movie - Edit the length of a movie file

nikon_j1_play_movie.jpgAfter pressing the Ok button to start playback of a movie, you can press Ok again to pause. When you do so, you will see that you get DVR-like controls to rewind, fast-forward, or stop playback. You can also adjust the sound output by using the Index and Magnify control lever.

nikon_j1_play_movie_edit.jpgHere we can see the Edit Movie option. This allows you to save time editing the length of a video file by doing so right in the camera; rather than on your PC later.

The D-Lighting option can increase the brightness of an image in-camera, using Nikon's proprietary algorithms to help increase detail in shadow areas, without adding unwanted noise. You have several levels to choose from, and as you cycle through them you can see a preview; on the left is the original file, on the right is an example of what the edited file will look like.

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