Features & Controls (Cont.)

Looking at the left side of the camera you can see the AF settings at the far left. The switch lets you change between Manual and Auto focus modes while the button on the inside lets you change your AF mode. On the top right is a BKT (bracketing) button, which allows for quick adjustment to your bracketing settings. Next is the button to manually pop-up the flash unit. It also allows you to change the Flash Exposure compensation when the flash is ready to fire. On the bottom right is the camera's mode dial and burst shooting dial. On top are the camera's mode settings, with a lock button in the middle. Around the mode dial is the drive mode shooting settings, which also features a lock button so the settings cannot be accidentally changed.

On the top right side of the camera are your main controls. At the top you have one of the two control dials, shutter release with power button coupled around it, dedicated video recording button, and the exposure compensation and metering buttons. At the bottom is the control panel, showing all of the relevant shooting settings.


Back Left: From top to bottom you have the Playback and Delete buttons, Menu button, Help/Protect/WB button, Quality/Zoom In button, ISO/Zoom Out button and the i button. This button allows you to change some of the shooting settings that are not as popular and retouch images in playback mode.


On the right side of the back is the AE/AF lock button and second control dial along the top. Next is the info button, followed by the Multi-selector and Focus Selector Lock. At the bottom is the Live View button and selector for Still Images or Video.

Powering the D750 is a 7.0V, 1900mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. This powerful battery is capable of capturing up to 1,230 shots on a single charge according to CIPA standards. Also included with the camera is the portable quick charger, which makes it easy to keep your battery and a spare charged and ready to go at all times.


The new Nikon SB-500 external SpeedLite is compact and very easy to carry. It is very versatile, working with the commander function to work as a wireless external unit with just a simple menu settings change in the camera. The flash also features a built-in LED video light for shooting video on the go.

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