Nikon D700 SLR Review

Nikon Bundled Software

Nikon's ViewNX is a basic tool for viewing and printing your photographs shot in any format available on a Nikon camera, including your .NEF files. The browser easily allows you to search through your pictures while displaying all of the pictures information. It also features a quick adjustment tab for basic settings like adjusting exposure, white balance and D-Lighting.

Nikon Capture NX

Nikon Transfer is a utility that makes transferring your images directly from the camera or just from the memory card to your computer incredibly easy. It allows you to select the images that you want to download, backup your images and rename them during transfer.

Nikon Capture NX

Nikon's Capture NX2 is their full featured image editing software. This post-production software allows you to make from the most basic adjustments to technical and advanced editing and at the same time, helps maintain a faster workflow.

The NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) file format is the digital equivalent of a film negative. It allows for extensive non-destructive editing and preserves the integrity of the original RAW image data. A NEF file consists of three key components that include raw image data captured by the imaging sensor, thumbnail images of the raw data, and a unique instruction set that retains camera settings from the moment a picture was taken. During post-production in Capture NX, these original camera settings can be tweaked, edited and saved as a variation of the instruction set, thereby leaving the original raw data unaffected, yet achieving the effects of the editing on the final image.

Nikon Capture NX2 60-day trial is included in the D700 package and operates unrestricted in 'try it before you buy it' mode for 60 days. It can also be downloaded from the Nikon USA web site for both Windows and Mac users.

Nikon Capture NX

Nikon Capture Editor's window gives you quick access to the image information and tools you need to get the most out of your NEF files. The camera settings used for the active image can be displayed or hidden to give you more image preview area. Along the top is the Quick Tools palette. The major editing tools are organized in two palettes consisting of drop-down/expanding sub-menus. Image adjustments are shown in real-time on the preview screen.

Nikon Capture NX

Here you can see the 'File and Camera Information' palette showing information for file name, date, image size/quality, color, device used (D80), lens used, focal length, flash sync mode, etc.

Quick Tools

Nikon Capture NX

    Direct Select - Basic selection tool
    Hand - Move image around in freehand fashion
    Zoom - Zoom in on image in active window

    Rotate - Rotate image 90� clockwise or counter-clockwise
    Straighten - Level the image in the active window
    Crop - Select portion of image to be saved

    Black Control point - Neutralize the dark tones of the image
    Neutral Control point - Correct a color cast in your photograph
    White Control point - Neutralize the light tones of the image

    Color Control point - Perform advanced color changes in a selective fashion
    Red-Eye Control point - Manually remove the red-eye from an image

    Auto Retouch Brush - Automatically repairs unwanted spots or details in your photographs

    Selection Control Point - Utilize U Point technology to selectively apply the effect of an enhancement
    Lasso & Marquee Tools - Create a selection on your images that will limit where an enhancement affects your image
    Selection Brush - Selectively paint in or paint out the enhancements found in the current step
    Selection Gradient - Gradually blend between applying and removing the current step's effects on your image
    Fill/Remove Tool - Either fill or remove the current effect, either in the entire image or an area within a selection

Camera Settings

Nikon Capture NX

The Camera Settings Palette is where you control all of the adjustments that you have to make. Here you will find your simple controls like white balance to adjusting your curves and even making lens adjustments and corrections.

Nikon Capture NX

Histogram - a real time representation of your image

Nikon Capture NX

Bird's Eye - Shows the portion of the image that you are looking at and gives a percentage of the actual image size.

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