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Nikon D2H

Durable, Weather Resistant

The D2H is built to take the day-to-day use and abuse that comes with being a camera made for professional photojournalists and sports shooters. The body is composed of durable yet lightweight magnesium alloy to protect the inner components and allow it to be carried without fatigue.

Nikon Professional D2H

This is a camera that isn't afraid to get a little wet. Because the weather isn't always perfect, the D2H's sealing system was designed to cover every possible seam and exposed part to make the body highly resistant to drops of water and dust.

Wireless Image Transmission

Nikon Professional D2H

The optional Wireless Transmitter WT-1 accessory adds integrated Wi-Fi connectivity to the D2H. Based on standard IEEE-802.11b technology, the WT-1 is attached to the bottom of the D2H, and connected to its USB 2.0 port. It transmits images via a local area network to a host computer access-point using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) method. The WT-1 wirelessly transfers data over a radius of approximately 30 meters (100 feet) with the supplied one-inch antenna.

An optional WA-E1 antenna is available to extend the range up to 150 meters (approx. 490 feet). To ensure secure wireless data transmission, there are multiple levels of security including Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption, MacAddress, and ESS-ID. The camera and WT-1 accessory can be set to various transmission configurations, including the option to save RAW images on the CompactFlash card and transmit compressed JPEG images simultaneously. All the configurations and settings for wireless transmission can be written separately in a computer text file and applied to multiple cameras by downloading the file to a CompactFlash card and loading the settings into each camera.

The WT-1 draws its power supply from the D2H battery, consuming roughly 20% of its charge during normal usage. Its robust magnesium chassis construction and water resistant connectors match the camera's construction and durability.

ITP is a freeware program for Windows that streamlines the transmission of photos from Nikon D2H with the WT-1 wireless transmitter.

Download ITP v1.1

ITP is a powerful FTP server that was specifically designed to work with photographic workflows. On top of the features commonly found in conventional servers, ITP offers a wide range of additional features such as batch renaming, automatic directory generation and overwrite protection that allow photographers to quickly an easily organize their files immediately on receipt. When used with automated upload devices such as the Nikon WT-1 or Idruna's Pocket Phojo, this power is even more evident as images can be organized mere moments after being shot.

In addition, ITP 1.1 also helps to simplify the configuration of the Nikon WT-1 device from within the server. When the WT-1 configuration system is run, it will fill in many of the networking details for the user. ITP will check the settings prior to saving the profile and provides warnings and suggestions if it finds any potential snags. Finally, ITP will store and manage multiple profiles and handle loading the configuration files onto CF cards so that users can quickly and easily move between different networks. ITP is compatible with any version of Windows that supports the .NET framework, including Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. PocketITP, a version for PocketPC PDA devices is also available.

i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash
and Wireless Flash Control

Nikon SB-800

The Speedlight new SB-800 features i-TTL flash control for automatic balanced fill-flash and advanced wireless lighting capabilities when used with the D2H. The i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash control utilizes Nikon's new Advanced Data Communication system to introduce improved monitor-pre-flash and wireless operation.

The SB-800 offers groundbreaking new features such as advanced wireless control for multiple SB-800 speedlights controlled from a master speedlight, new Auto FP high-speed sync, new Flash Value (FV) lock, flash color information communication for improved color accuracy and a new Wide-Area AF Assist Illuminator that is tailored to the D2H's new 11- area Multi-Cam 2000 AF sensor module.

The SB-800 speedlight system features new wireless technology to control up to four groups of SB-800 speedlights wirelessly. This set of four includes one Master Controller and three remote groups - each of which can contain any number of SB-800 speedlights for total lighting control. Features for speedlights within each group can be individually controlled from the Master Controller. These settings are made and confirmed on the Master Controller's large dot-matrix LCD screen. All speedlights within this wireless arrangement can operate in i-TTL mode for completely automatic flash exposures - which are calculated via a new monitor pre-flash function that measures light from each source and combines them with overall camera exposure readings - producing an accurate, well exposed photograph with balanced lighting. Each group within the wireless arrangement can also be programmed to different flash modes such as i-TTL AA, or Manual mode, or any combination of these modes.

Nikon SB-800

One of the most appealing features of Nikon's i-TTL wireless system is the ability to adjust flash compensation settings on the fly for each group of speedlights, from the Master Controller. This makes controlling light output from speedlights placed in hard to reach locations simple and effortless. The SB-800 makes multiple flash photography as easy as using a single speedlight mounted on a camera, without the hassles of cables or stands.

In addition to wireless flash capabilities, the SB-800 offers significant new features designed for high-speed photography and exceptional overall accuracy. Highlights of these new features include:

  • Auto White Balance Adjustment using Flash Color Temperature Information: The SB-800 achieves a high level of color accuracy when used with the D2H digital SLR camera. With changes in the duration of light emitted by a speedlight, there are slight variations of color temperature. Using the D2H in Auto White Balance mode, the SB-800 communicates these slight variations in color data back to D2H and the camera's auto white balance system implements the fine adjustment needed for overall excellent white balance.

  • FV-Lock: FV-Lock (Flash Value Lock) is comparable to the way an AE-Lock functions in a camera. Once the camera measures a correct flash value, the SB-800 locks this value until the photographer resets it - helping to maintain the flash value for correct exposure of the subject.

  • Auto FP High-Speed Sync Flash: The SB-800's Auto FP function can automatically fire the speedlight in i-TTL mode at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000 second, offering excellent opportunities to use flash in bright light with fast aperture lenses.

  • Modeling Flash: A modeling flash feature in the SB-800 fires a stroboscopic burst of light for approximately one second, allowing photographers to visually confirm lighting and shadow effects before shooting.

  • Quick Battery Recycle Pack: Included with the SB-800 Speedlight is the SD-800 Quick Battery Recycle pack that cuts recycling time in the SB-800 to as short as 2.7 seconds for full power manual flash.

  • Additional features: Additional features in the SB-800 include zoom coverage, bounce and rotating flash head, large LCD read-out panel, accessory filters for special color effects and emulation of fluorescent and incandescent lighting, robust locking flash shoe, and autofocus assist light.

Battery Power

Nikon SB-800

The D2H is powered by the all-new Nikon EN-EL4 11.1V 1900mAh Li-ion battery pack. This battery offers the convenience of automatic calibration and monitoring and is compact and lightweight. A fully charged EN-EL4 can provide power for up to 2,900 images. Lithium batteries have no memory effect and perform better in lower temperatures. The end cap is removable to save space in your gadget bag.

Nikon SB-800

The MH-21 Quick Charger is also quite compact and lightweight. It connects to the AC outlet via a removable cord. The MH-21 is able to recharge an exhausted EN-EL4 in about 100 minutes. It is also used to re-calibrate the EN-EL4 when required.

Nikon SB-800

You'll never have to wonder how much battery power you have left. There is a 6-level battery indicator on the top data LCD, a 5-level indicator in the viewfinder and this information screen can be called up from the Setup menu and displayed on the color LCD. The EN-EL4 has a "smart chip" built into it that measures the discharge capacity and compares it to the full capacity that was recorded when it was last calibrated.

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