Nikon D100 SLR Review

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Nikon D100

Playback Screens & Menus

Nikon D100 SLR

Pressing the MONitor button brings up the last image captured in full screen view. This is also what you would see after shooting a picture if the Preview option is enabled.

Nikon D100 SLR

When reviewing images you can press the Left or Right portion of the 4-way controller to bring up the extended information overlays. You can cycle through them by repeatedly pushing the controller switch. The first overlay includes the camera model, firmware version, metering mode, shutter speed, aperture, exposure mode, exposure compensation and focal length of lens.

Nikon D100 SLR

The next overlay includes the ISO speed, white balance, white balance tuning, tone, sharpness, color mode, flash mode, image comment.

Nikon D100 SLR

The next overlay is a histogram display of the range of brightness of the image.

Nikon D100 SLR

The last overlay can be just the histogram or the histogram plus highlight areas will blink.

Nikon D100 SLR

Pressing the index (THUMB) button will display small thumbnail images so you can quickly search through the captured images. This is the four per page display.

Nikon D100 SLR

You can also display thumbnail images in the nine per page mode.

Nikon D100 SLR

Pressing the ENTER button enables the zoomed playback mode. The image is magnified further by holding the "THUMB" button and rotating the main command dial. You can stop at any one of ten zoom views and scroll around to check for critical focus, color or composition by using the 4-way controller.

Nikon D100 SLR

You can also rotate the sub-command dial while holding the "THUMB" button and bring up this selection rectangle. Rotate the main command dial to shrink the rectangle in ten steps, move it where desired with the 4-way controller and then rotate the sub-command dial to fill the screen with the selected area.

Nikon D100 SLR

The Playback Menu

    Delete - Selected, All, Print Set

    Folder Designate - Create or select folders for images

    Slideshow - Start auto playback, set Frame Interval time

    Hide Image - Protect image(s) from deletion

    Print Set - Embed DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) information.

    Display Mode - Normal, Histogram, Highlights or Both

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