Playback Screens & Menus

In record mode, there is a small icon at the bottom right that acts as the playback button. Once in playback mode, the camera has a few basic playback features, but not as much as we are used to seeing. On the other hand, the Android operating system will allow you to add any type of playback and editing apps that you would like through the Google Play store.

Index mode allows you to view thumbnails of your images to quickly scroll through them. Index mode is accessed by either pressing the zoom control to the (W) wide end or pinching the LCD screen. In order to scroll though them you have to swipe your finger up or down.

Pressing the zoom lever to the (T) end allows you to zoom in on your images up to 10x. Once you have zoomed in, you can use your finger to scroll around the image. Touching the scissor icon lets you trim your image to just what you see on the LCD screen.

With built-in WiFi capabilities and the Android system, you have a very wide variety of programs available to use to share your images. Once again, you have the option to download and install any other Android compatible apps that you like as well.

Playback Menu:
  • Delete - Erase images from the internal memory or memory card
  • Add/Remove - Lets you add or remove images from the timeline view
  • Erase Location Date -
  • Slide Show - Start a slideshow of the images on the camera's memory
  • Protect - Protect your images from deletion
  • Print Order - Choose the number of images you would like to print from the camera
  • Retouch - Quick Retouch, D-Lighting, Filter Effects, Skin Softening, Small Picture, Rotate Image
  • Copy - Copy images back and forth from the camera's memory to a memory card

Retouch Menu:
  • Quick Retouch - The camera runs a retouch on its own to adjust your images
  • D-Lighting - Adjust the amount of the D-Lighting effect will have on your images
  • Filter Effects - Color Options, Soft, Selective Color, Cross Screen, Fisheye, Miniature Effect
  • Skin Softening - *, **, *** - adjusts the amount of softening
  • Small Picture - Save a smaller copy of an image
  • Rotate Image - Change the orientation of an image by 90° at a time

Video playback on the S810c gives you some basic options for watching on the LCD screen or on any HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. There are no built-in editing features, but there are plenty available via the Google Play market.

S810c Setup Menu:
  • Welcome Screen - None, CoolPix
  • Monitor Settings - Photo Info (On, Auto, Auto-Framing), Image Review (On, On w/ Comment, Off), Menu Effects (On or Off)
  • Print Date - Date, Date and Time, Off
  • Vibration Reduction - On (Hybrid), On, Off
  • AF Assist - Auto, Off
  • Digital Zoom - On or Off
  • Shutter Sound - On or Off
  • HDMI - Auto, 480p, 720p, 1080i
  • Blink Warning - On or Off
  • Record Location Data - On or Off
  • Reset All - Reset camera settings
  • Firmware Version - Shows the current software version

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