Features & Controls

Capturing light data for the S810c is a 16-Megapixel CMOS imaging sensor and 12x optical zoom lens. Featuring a 35mm equivalent of 25-300mm, the lens is great for most shooting situations. Nikon's VR (Vibration Reductions system) helps to steady the camera while shooting on the move, which is a big help when using the telephoto end of the zoom.

The S810c's very compact flash unit has a range of approx. 18ft. at ISO Auto, allowing you to use it effectively at close range. TTL flash control provides accurate lighting with every flash.

Composing and viewing your images is accomplished on the 3.7-inch touch screen. This high-resolution touch screen allows you to operate the camera just like any other Android smartphone or tablet. It is easy to see in all situations and provides you with far more than just basic camera functions.

The top of the camera is as simple as it could possibly be, with just the power and shutter release buttons. Coupled around the shutter release is the zoom control. You can also see the built-in stereo microphones to the left.


The back is just as simple as the top. The only three buttons are the basic Android controls; Menu, Home, and Back. All of the camera's features and functions are controlled through the LCD screen.


To allow you to add your favorite Android Apps, Nikon has given the S810c almost 1.4GB of internal storage. This also works as image storage as well. For additional storage, the camera will accept any microSD card. The camera is shown here with a Sony 4GB microSD card.


On the right side of the camera you will find the two Input/Output ports. On top is the HDMI output that allows you to view your images and movies on any HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. On the bottom is a high-speed USB port used for transferring images as well as charging the camera battery.

Powering the camera is a 3.8V, 1850mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Nikon claims that the camera is able to capture up to 270 images on a single charge of the battery, but the more you use the extra features, the faster the battery will go.

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