Coolpix S01

Coolpix S01

Record Screens & Menus


The Nikon CoolPix S01 has one of the easiest use to use automatic shooting modes that we have seen in a while. This is truly a camera that was made for plain point-n-shoot convenience. The screen is kept clear so all you see is what you are capturing.  

Half pressing the shutter release will initiate the autofocus and autoexposure systems of the camera and show you the image details (focus point turns green, if flash is used lighting bolt and red ready light display, and the shutter speed and aperture are along the bottom). Fully press the shutter to capture an image, or you can touch the LCD where you would like the camera to focus. The camera will focus and capture an image when you touch the screen.

The home menu in shooting mode gives you the ability to change the camera's shooting mode from image, video, or playback modes. Here in shooting mode, we have options for the Self-Timer, Flash Mode, Special Effects, Exposure Compensation, Image Mode and Touch Screen Shooting.

The special effects allow the camera to capture images with these effects already applied to them: Sepia, High-Contrast Monochrome, High Key, Low Key.

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