Coolpix S01

Coolpix S01

Features & Controls


The Nikon CoolPix S01 captures your images with a 10-Megapixel imaging sensor and an Expeed C2 imaging processor. This processor gives the tiny camera the ability to capture 720p HD movies and use a variety of filter effects while shooting. Since there is no slot to add a memory card, all of your images are stored on the camera's 7.3GB internal memory. 

Although the camera is incredibly compact, Nikon was able to work in a 3x optical Nikkor zoom lens, giving it some versatility. This lens has a 35mm equivalent of 29-87mm with a maximum aperture of f/3.3-5.9. 

Focus Range:
Approx. 1 ft. 8 in. (50 cm.) to infinity 
[W]: Approx. 2 in. (5 cm.) to infinity 
Macro close-up mode: [T]: Approx. 1 ft. 8 in. (50 cm.) to infinity

While the camera does have a built-in flash unit, its power matches it size. At ISO Auto, it has a range of up to approx. 5ft. (W). This is barely enough to light a person who is standing directly in front of you, but it could be helpful in some situations. 

Since the camera is so small, Nikon has done an excellent job of keeping the controls simple and to a minimum. Here you can see the top of the camera with just the power and playback buttons, along with the shutter release with the zoom control surrounding it.  In playback mode, the zoom controls also toggle the index and magnify options.

The back of the camera reveals its 2.5-inch, 230,000 dot, touch LCD screen. Next to the screen is the one home button that brings up the camera's incredibly simple menu on the LCD screen. The menu is comprised of just a few large, easy to read and access buttons that makes learning the camera a snap. 

On the bottom is a the one port that the camera has; a combination USB/AV out port. This port allows you to connect to a computer to upload your images or charge the camera, and it also allows you to connect the camera to a TV using standard definition AV cables (not included with the camera).

As listed above, the battery for the S01 is built in, meaning you have to plug in the entire camera to charge it. This can be a little inconvenient, as you cannot have a spare battery, but it also keeps things simple. Shown with the camera is the USB adapter that allows the you to charge the camera anywhere there is a power outlet.

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