Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the Playback button enters the camera into playback mode where it displays the last image captured or looked at before. Pressing the DISP. on the back allows you to change the amount of information about the image, ranging from none to all the exposure info with a histogram.

If you push the shutter release zoom control to the wide end, you can use the camera's index mode to quickly search through the stored images. There are 4 sets of thumbnail images and a calendar mode to choose your images based on the date they were taken.

Using the same zoom control, as the one of the lens does not work in playback mode, toward the telephoto end allows you to zoom in on your images. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll through the image.

The Playback modes allow you to view all of your images, the images marked as favorites, by date or the camera can sort them based on their scene mode.

The Playback menu has options for: Quick Retouch, D-Lighting, Skin Softening, Filter Effects, Print Order (DPOF) printing information, Slide show, Delete, Protect, Rotate Image, Hide Image, Small picture, Voice Memo, Copy, add a Black Border, Sequence display options, Favorite Pictures and Choose key picture.

D-Lighting is Nikon's way of automatically fixing under and over exposed areas in the image, showing you more detail within your images. The amount of this effect can be adjusted.

Small picture allows you to resize an image that is already stored on the camera. These smaller images are the perfect size for email and uploading to the web.

Quick retouch allows the camera to automatically adjust your images. This saves you time from having to do this on a computer later.

The rotate function allows you to change the orientation of an image. This change is 90° at a time. For smaller changes you will need a computer.

For playing your recorded movies, you can either watch then on the LCD screen or on a TV either with an A/V cable or a HDMI cable. With the controls on the camera, you can scroll through a movie frame by frame or watch it straight through. There is also an editing function that allows you to trim you videos.


Camera Set Up Menu:
  • Welcome screen - Change the image used in the power up screen
  • Time Zone and Date - Set the internal time and date
  • Monitor Settings - Toggle the info displayed on LCD and screen brightness
  • Print Date - Off, date, date & time
  • VR - On (hybrid), On, or Off
  • Motion Detection - Auto or Off
  • AF Assist - Auto or Off
  • Red-eye reduction - Pre-flash On or Pre-flash Off
  • Digital Zoom - On, Crop or Off
  • Assign Side Zoom Control - Zoom, Manual Focus, Snap-Back Control
  • Sound settings - Camera sound effects and volume
  • Auto Off - Sleep delay time: 30s, 1m, 5m, 30m
  • Format memory/Format card - Format the internal memory or SD card
  • Language - Choose from one of the many languages
  • TV settings - NTSC, PAL
  • Charge by Computer - Auto, Off
  • Reset file numbering - Restart the sequential file numbering
  • Blink Warning - On, Off
  • Reset all - Reset all settings to default
  • Firmware version - Display the camera's internal software version

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