Coolpix P330

Coolpix P330

Playback Screens & Menus


Canon_Coolpix_P330-playback.jpgThe default playback view is Auto. Like in shooting mode, in this setting the LCD shows file information for roughly 3 seconds before it goes away. You can change this in the setup menu. 

Monitor settings menu:
  • Photo info: Show info, Auto info, Hide info, Framing grid+auto info, Movie frame+auto info
  • Image review: On, Off
  • Brightness: 1 to 5
  • View/hide histograms: On, Off

Turning leftward on the zoom ring takes you through a series of index views: 4, 9, 16 and 72 thumbnails.

Canon_Coolpix_P330-playback-index72.jpgWith 72 thumbnails on the screen, it looks a bit crowded, but with 921,000-dot resolution on the LCD you can still make out the image enough to select at least within the right series.

One more leftward press of the zoom ring brings up the calendar view.

Canon_Coolpix_P330-playback-zoom.jpgTurning the zoom ring rightward magnifies an image by up to 10X. As indicated by the scissors icon at bottom left, pressing the Menu button will crop the image.

After pressing the Menu button to crop the magnified image, you are given the option to save the cropped image as a new file.

Canon_Coolpix_P330-playback-menu1.jpg The playback menu offers a number of editing options. If you have shot JPEG files, this is where you access filter effects and retouches such as D-Lighting and skin softening. If you have been shooting RAW files (NRW format), you can perform RAW processing in the camera rather than wait to perform this on a computer later.

Playback menu:
  • Quick retouch (low, normal, high)
  • D-Lighting (low, normal, high)
  • Skin softening (low, normal, high)
  • Filter effects (seven selections - see next screen)
  • Print order
  • Slide show
  • Protect
  • Rotate image
  • Small picture (640x480, 320x240, 160x120)
  • Voice memo
  • Copy (camera to card, card to camera)
  • RAW (NRW) processing (see menu screen and caption below)
  • Sequence display options (individual pictures, key picture only)
  • Choose key picture

Canon_Coolpix_P330-playback-quick-retouch.jpgQuick Retouch has three degrees of effect: low, normal, and high. It adjusts contrast and color saturation.

Canon_Coolpix_P330-Dlighting.jpgD-Lighting adjusts brightness and contrast. Like Quick Retouch, it offers three degrees of effect: low, normal, and high.

The filter effects menu lets you get more creative with your shots. The first two selections give you further menu options, though the last five are not adjustable. The Selective Color effect offers 12 colors - you select one to remain in the image and the rest of the photo is converted to monochrome.

Filter effects menu:
  • Soft (narrow, normal, wide)
  • Selective color (12 color options)
  • Cross screen
  • Fisheye
  • Miniature effect
  • Painting
  • Vignette

You get six parameters for processing RAW files in the camera (creating an edited JPEG file). You basically get the complete menus offered in shooting mode for each camera setting in the menu, including the two custom settings you can also use when shooting JPEG images.

RAW processing options:
  • White balance
  • Exposure compensation
  • Picture control (including custom settings and adjustable sharpening, contrast, etc.)
  • Image quality
  • Image size
  • D-Lighting

Movie playback appears much the same as still images do. The file information overlay remains for a few seconds and then goes away (except for the 1080p icon at bottom right). 

Once you press the OK button to begin playback, video control buttons appear at the top of the screen and the video duration appears at bottom right. If you press no further buttons, these all disappear after a couple seconds except for the battery life icon.

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