Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the playback button on the back of the camera takes it into playback mode. Here you can see all of the images that are saved on the memory card in the camera. It also allows you to play back your recorded movies.

Pushing the zoom lever to the wide end enters the camera into index mode. This allows you to see thumbnails of the images that are on the SD card. This makes it easy to find that on image that you are looking for on a full memory card.

Pushing the zoom lever the other way allows you to zoom in up to 10x on any image that is on the SD card. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image.

Playback Menu:
  • Quick Retouch - Allows the camera to do an automatic retouch of your images
  • D-Lighting - Adjusts the dynamic lighting of the image
  • Red-eye Correction - Removes redness from the eyes of your subjects
  • Skin Softening - Softens the complexion of faces found within the image
  • Filter Effects - Pop, Super Vivid, Painting, High Key, Toy Camera 1-2, Low Key, Cross Process, Soft, Soft Portrait, Fisheye, Cross Screen, Miniature effect, High-contrast monochrome, Sepia, Cyanotype, Selective Color
  • Print Order - Set the order and number of images for direct printing
  • Slide Show - Run a slide show of the images on the SD card
  • Protect - Protect the images from editing and deletion
  • Rotate Image - Change the orientation of an image
  • Small Picture - Make a smaller copy of an image that you have already captured
  • Copy - Copy images back and forth from the Camera and SD card
  • Sequence Display Options - Individual pictures, Key Pictures only
  • Choose Key Picture
  • Favorite Pictures - Select your favorite images

Dynamic Lighting (D-Lighting), automatically brightens shadow areas and brings out the detail within your images. The camera will do this automatically, so it does not give you any control over the corrections.

Quick Retouch is very similar to the D-Lighting feature. It offers a quick fix solution for images that did not come out the way you planned. This mode does offer some slight control over the correction, but no-where near that of an editing suite.

Your recorded videos can also be played back on the camera's LCD screen. The camera offers basic video and volume controls for camera viewing. It also allows you to connect to any HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. This allows you to see your HD movies on an HD screen.

Camera Set Up Menu:
  • Welcome screen - Change the image used in the power up screen
  • Time Zone and Date - Set the internal time and date
  • Monitor Settings - Toggle the info displayed on LCD and screen brightness
  • Print Date - Off, date, date & time
  • Photo VR - On, Off, or Hybrid
  • Motion Detection - Auto or Off
  • AF Assist - Auto or Off
  • Digital Zoom - On or Off
  • Sound settings - Camera sound effects and volume
  • Auto Off - Sleep delay time On or Off: 30s, 1m, 5m, 30m
  • Format card - Format the internal memory or SD card
  • Language - Choose from one of the many languages
  • TV settings - Video Mode (NTSC, PAL), HDMI (Auto, 480p, 720p, 1080i), HDMI Device Control (on or off)
  • Blink Warning - On, Off
  • Eye-Fi Upload - Enable or Disable Eye-Fi capabilities
  • Reset all - Reset all settings to default
  • Battery type - Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium
  • Firmware version - Display the camera's internal software version

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