Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the play button on the back of the camera enters it into playback mode. Here you can see all of the images that you have captured that are still saved on the SD memory card. The 4-way controller allows you to scroll through your images one at a time.

If you press the zoom control to the wide end while in playback mode, the camera will enter into the index mode. Here you can look through thumbnails of your images for faster searches. There is also a calendar option that lets you select images based on the date they were taken.

You can also press the zoom control to the telephoto end if you would like to zoom in on an image. The L610 allows you to zoom in up to 10x and the 4-way controller allows you to scroll around the image once you have zoomed in.

Playback Menu:
  • Quick Retouch - Allows the camera to do an automatic retouch of your images
  • D-Lighting - Adjusts the dynamic lighting of the image
  • Skin Softening - Softens the complexion of faces found within the image
  • Filter Effects - Listed below
  • Print Order - Set the order and number of images for direct printing
  • Slide Show - Run a slide show of the images on the SD card
  • Protect - Protect the images from editing and deletion
  • Rotate Image - Change the orientation of an image
  • Small Picture - Make a smaller copy of an image that you have already captured
  • Voice Memo - Capture audio about an image to be played back when the image is viewed
  • Copy - Copy images back and forth from the Camera and SD card
  • Sequence Display Options - Individual pictures, Key Pictures only
  • Choose Key Picture
  • Favorite Pictures - Select your favorite images

Filter Effects are creative effects that can change the look of an image: Soft, Selective Color, Cross Screen, Miniature Effect, Painting.

Small picture makes a copy of an image that is much smaller than the original. These images are perfect for uploading to social media sites or email, and do not require a computer to change them.

Rotating the image allows you to change the orientation of an image by 90° at a time, again without the need for a computer and special software.

Any movies that are recorded on by the L610 are able to be played back on the camera as well as being trimmed. DVR-like control gives you total playback control. The movies can also be watched on a computer, TV, or HDTV with the proper cables.

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