Record Screens & Menus

As great as the AW120 is in tough shooting conditions, it only features automatic shooting modes. Shown above is the Auto mode, which gives the most image control to the photographer. While it allows you to change many of the camera settings; it will still choose the shutter speed, aperture and scene mode. On the left side, the camera also shows some advanced information that you will not normally see, showing elevation and pressure, which are great for the adventurous photographer.

Smart Portrait mode sets the camera to look mainly for portrait images. It will detect and follow any faces that appear in the frame. This assures you that no matter how you are shooting, your portraits will always take top priority. This mode also activates a few other features like skin softening, smile shutter and blink detection.

For specific shooting situations that the camera may have difficulty, you have the ability to choose your own scene mode: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Portrait, Party/Indoor, Beach, Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Night Landscape, Close-up, Food, Museum, Fireworks Show, Black & White Copy, Backlighting, Easy Panorama, Pet Portrait, Underwater.

Creative filters are also available as a shooting mode: Soft, Nostalgic Sepia, High-Contrast Monochrome, High Key, Low Key, Selective Color, Pop, Super Vivid, Cross Process, Toy 1, Toy 2.

The 4-way controller acts as a shortcut to the Flash, Exposure Compensation, Macro and Self-Timer settings. It also allows you to easily navigate the menu systems.

On the side of the camera you will find a button that brings up a this compass feature on the LCD screen. This will help you navigate on your adventures, but will also shorten your battery life.

Pressing the same button as above a second time brings up this pre-installed world map. This is another great adventure tool to help you find things along your adventure with no maps to fold.

Auto Menu:
  • Image Mode - 16M*, 16M, 8M, 4M, 2M, VGA, 16:9 12M (4608x2592), 1:1
  • White Balance - Auto, preset manual, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, cloudy, flash
  • Continuous Shooting - Single, continuous high, continuous low, pre-shooting cache, continuous 120fps, continuous 60fps, best shot selector, multi-shot 16
  • ISO Sensitivity - Auto, fixed range auto, 125, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400
  • AF Area Mode - Face priority, manual, center, subject tracking, target finding AF
  • Auto Focus Mode - AF-S single, AF-F full-time, Pre-Focus
  • Quick Effects - On, off

Movie Menu:
  • Movie options - 1080/30p, 1080/60i, 720/30p, iFrame (720/30p), 480/30p, high speed 240/8X, high speed 480/4X, high speed 720/2X, high speed 1080/0.5X
  • Open with high speed footage - On or off
  • AF Area mode - Face Priority, Center
  • Autofocus Mode - Single AF, Full-time AF
  • Movie VR - On (hybrid), On, Off
  • Movie light - On or off
  • Wind noise reduction - On or off
  • Frame Rate - 30fps (30p/60i), 25fps (25p/50i)

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