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Mustek MDC-530Z

Features & Controls

Mustek MDC-530Z

The 530Z features a 3x optical zoom lens with a 32mm-96mm (35mm equivalent) focal length and a maximum aperture of f2.8-f/4.8. When powered down the lens retract inside of the body and is protected by an automatic lens barrier.

The contrast detection autofocus system has a range of 19.7" (50cm) - infinity in normal mode. The Macro mode coverage is from 2.4" (6cm) Wide / 11.8" (30cm) Tele - infinity.

The built-in speedlight has modes for: Auto, Red-eye Reduction and Fill-in. The working range in wide angle is 1.6 - 8.9 ft. (0.5 - 2.7m) at ISO Auto. The flash is disabled for macro focus exposures.

Mustek MDC-832Z

The optical eyelevel viewfinder is useful when outdoors in the bright sunlight where the LCD screen is difficult to see. There is no dioptric adjustment.

Mustek MDC-530Z

The 2.0-inch color LCD has 130,000 pixels and is used for framing, review and accessing the menu system.

Mustek MDC-530Z

Controls on the back: Zoom lens controls, Magnify and Index in playback mode.

The arrow button is for Playback mode.

The Menu button

The Delete button

The 4-way controller is for navigating menus, changing settings and selecting playback images. Press "right" for the self-timer and press "left" to change flash modes. The OK button accepts selections and in record it's the Monitor button - turns the LCD on/off and sets the amount of info displayed.

Mustek MDC-530Z

On top is the shutter release and the Mode Dial with the Power button in the center. The Mode Dial has positions for: Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night, Setup and Movie.

Mustek MDC-530Z

On the side are the I/O ports: Combo AV Out (NTSC or PAL selectable video and monoraul audio) and USB 2.0 (full speed, not high speed) data port. DC INput for optional AC adapter.

Mustek MDC-530Z

The 530Z stores its data with an internal memory of approx. 12MB and on optional SD cards. Pictures and movies stored in internal memory can be copied to the SD card. Compatible with SD cards up to 512MB.

Mustek MDC-530Z

Mustek MDC-530Z

The 530Z is powered by two standard AA type batteries (alkaline or NiMH type). We recommend NiMH AA rechargeables for both financial and ecological reasons. Check out our Rechargeable Battery Page for info and prices on high-capacity NiMH AA cells.

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