Minolta DiMAGE E201 Review

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Playback Modes & Menu Options

Minolta DiMAGE E201

Typical playback screen showing all possible overlay information.

Minolta DiMAGE E201

The playback image can be enlarged 2x or

Minolta DiMAGE E201

enlarged 3x to examine focus or color.

Minolta DiMAGE E201

The index or thumbnail mode shows nine small images to
allow you to quickly jump to any image in memory.

Minolta DiMAGE E201

Menu options in Play mode include Delete All (single images can be deleted by pressing a button on top of the camera), Lock All images or Unlock All images, and set the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) printing information.

Minolta DiMAGE E201

Movie clips can be played back fullsreen on LCD or TV set.

Steve's Conclusion

There isn't much to tell here, the DiMAGE E201 is an entry-level two megapixel camera with a fixed focal length lens. This is a good camera for those getting their feet wet in digital photography without spending too much. The camera runs on standard AA type batteries, NiMH recommended, and when the LCD is used sparingly you can easily get a day's worth of shots on one set of batteries. The 1.8-inch color LCD is not a high- resolution type, it only has 77,000 pixels where others have about 120,000. It is sufficient for reviewing pictures but only if you're out of the bright, outdoor light. Images are stored on CompactFlash Type I cards, any size can be used.

Even though this is mainly a point-n-shoot camera you can set the white balance, exposure compensation, sharpness and a choice of normal or high ISO sensitivity. Unlike its earlier sibling the DiMAGE 2300, the E201 can also capture 320x240 motion video up to 40 seconds in length. These movie clips are silent because the E201 lacks a microphone. The E201 due to its wideangle lens, tends to underexpose brightly lit outdoor scenes as it is controlled by a matrix metering system. You can either adjust for this using the exposure compensation or with software later after downloading the image data.

All in all this is a fairly good value for the suggested $299 price but I think you can do better, image quality wise, with other cameras like the Kodak DX3500 at the same price point with the same resolution and features.

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