Minolta DiMAGE E201 Review

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Record Modes & Menu Options

Minolta DiMAGE E201

Typical record screen display with its limited overlay data for the drive mode (Single), the digital zoom setting (x1.0), exposure compensation (0.0) and the number of pictures remaining (28).

Minolta DiMAGE E201

Here we have engaged the digital zoom to the X1.4 setting.

Minolta DiMAGE E201

And here we have set the digital zoom to its maximum at X2.

Minolta DiMAGE E201

The menu of options in the record mode are:

    QUALITY - SuperFine (TIFF uncompressed), Fine, Standard or Economy

    IMAGE SIZE - Full (1792 x 1200) or Half (800 x 600)

    WB - Auto, Sunny, Tungsten or Fluorescent

    SHARPNESS - Normal, Hard or Soft

    ISO - Normal (ISO 80) or High (ISO 320)

Minolta DiMAGE E201

The E201 can capture 320 x 240 motion video for up to 40 seconds in length

Minolta DiMAGE E201

The SETUP menu options are:

    LCD BRIGHT - Normal or Bright

    FORMAT - Formats the CF card

    POWER OFF - 3m, 5m, 10m, 30m

    DATE - Set the date

    TIME - Set the time

    BEEP - Beep sounds On or Off

    VIDEO OUT - NTSC or PAL format

    DEFAULT - Reset all parameters to factory default

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