Features & Controls


The Kodak Zi8 features a fixed f/2.8 6.3mm fixed lens. This allows for excellent low-light video recording. In case you do need to get closer, Kodak has also included a 4x digital zoom. To the right of the lens you can see the camera's built-in mic.

35mm equivalents:
  • 1080p - 61mm
  • 720p/60fps, 720p, WVGA - 46mm
  • Still - 42mm

To the right of the lens you can see the small recording light and built-in microphone.

kodak_zi8_back.jpgThe Zi8 features a 2.5-inch LCD screen, which makes framing and viewing your movies and images incredibly easy.

kodak_zi8_controls_back.jpgUnder the LCD screen are most of the camera's controls. The buttons are well marked and easy to see, two on each side of the joystick button. The joystick allows you to search through menus and operate the digital zoom. Pressing it starts and stops your movies as well as capturing your images when shooting stills. The other controls not shown are the Normal/Macro switch on top and the power button on the right side of the camera,

On the left side of the camera you can see all of the camera's i/o ports including the HDMI output for your HDTV. There is also an A/V output, microphone input and the charging port.

In the middle of the right side is the SDHC slot that allows for SDHC cards up to 32GB to support the 128MB of internal memory. The card shown is a SanDisk Ultra II, 15MB/s, 4GB SDHC memory card.

The bottom of the right side opens up to reveal the built-in USB 2.0 arm. This allows you to plug the camera into any computer at any time, no chance of forgetting a cable.

Powering the Zi8 is a 1000mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack.

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