Record Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of the screen shots. The Kodak Easyshare z950 does not output video without an optional dock.

Auto or "SmartCapture" as Kodak has named it, automatically selects the correct scene mode for the current situation. This allows anyone to take great pictures just by pointing and shooting in most situations. You can see above that the camera has automatically selected "Macro Mode" for our little M&M Man.


"Program" record mode is also automatic, but now you have access to more advanced controls over the exposure process. This includes ISO sensitivity, White balance, focus mode, etc. Here you can see icons for the exposure mode being used (P for Program), flash is Off, number of images remaining (1971), aperture setting (f/3.5), shutter speed (1/320), exposure compensation (0.0), flash output compensation (0.0), and the ISO setting (400).

The camera also features Manual, Shutter and Aperture Priority, Auto and several scene shooting modes.

When you half-press the shutter release the autofocus is locked and the exposure is calculated and set. If autofocus was successful the AF marks will turn green, if it fails they turn red and blink.

Scene mode options include: High ISO, Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Night Landscape, Flower, Sunset, Backlight, Candlelight, Manner/Museum, Text, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, Children, Self Portrait, Stage.

Capture Menu:
  • Picture Size - 12.0MP, 10.7MP, 9.0MP, 6.0MP, 3.1MP, 2.2MP, 2.1MP, 1.2MP
  • Color Mode - High Color, Natural Color, Low Color, Black & White
  • AF Control - Continuous AF, Single AF

Capture+ Menu:
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Open Shade
  • Face Detection Capture - Off, On
  • Exposure Metering - Multi-Pattern, Center-Weight, Center-Spot
  • AF Zone - Multi-Zone, Center-Zone
  • Exp. Bracketing Interval - Off, ±0.3, ±0.7, ±1.0
  • Sharpness - Normal, High, Low

Movie mode allows you capture video with sound at resolutions of 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240. Shown above you can see the record mode, flash off and 29:00 minutes of record time left at the current settings.

Video Capture Menu:
  • Video Size - 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240
  • AF Control - Continuous, Single

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