Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of the screen shots. The Kodak Easyshare z950 does not output video without an optional dock.

Press the REVIEW button to enter the playback mode. The last image captured is then displayed full screen. There is almost no exposure information shown at first, just the battery level indicator and number of images on the memory card. The amount of information can be changed by pressing the Info button.

Pressing the Wide-Angle zoom takes the camera into "Index" mode. You will see 12 thumbnail sized images, which allow you to quickly scroll through a large amount of images.

Pressing the Telephoto zoom allows you to zoom into a single image. It works in steps from 1x to 8x. Once you have zoomed in you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image.


Review Menu:
  • Select All - Select all of the images on the memory card at once
  • Search - Search your images by category: Month Taken, Tags or Favorites
  • Tag - Add or remove a tag from an image
  • Protect - Stops an image from being accidentally deleted
  • Copy - Transfer images from the internal memory to the SD card

Edit Menu:
  • PERFECT TOUCH Tech. - Automatically enhances the photo for you and allows you to save as new or replace the original image
  • Crop - Crop your images without the need for a computer
  • Sound Tag - Add a sound tag to an image

The "Crop" option allows you to zoom in and move the box to get exactly the composition that you are looking for right on the camera.

Playing back a movie is easy thanks to the camera's VCR-DVR like controls and the camera's built-in speaker.

Setup Menu:
  • Share Button Setting - Favorite and Upload, Favorite, Upload
  • LCD Brightness - Levels 1-5
  • Image Storage - Auto, Internal Memory
  • Set Tag - Add or Delete a tag from an image
  • Capture Frame Grid - On or Off
  • Date Stamp - On or Off
  • Red Eye Reduction - Preflash, Digital Correction
  • Image Stabilizer - Continuous, Single, Off
  • Quickview - On or Off
  • Advanced Digital Zoom - Pause, Continuous, Off
  • Orientation Sensor - On or off for video and still images
  • Camera Sounds - Control and change all of the sounds on the computer
  • Sound Volume - Control the overall volume of the camera
  • Date & Time - Set the camera's date and time
  • Auto Power Off - 10 min., 5 min., 3min., 1min.
  • Video Out - NTSC, PAL
  • Language - Select the language for the camera menu
  • Reset Camera - Returns the camera back to the factory defaults
  • Format - Completely clears the memory card of all files
  • About - Lists the camera's Firmware version

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