Features & Controls

The PlayFull's lens is a fixed f/2.8 lens with a 35mm equivalent of 35mm and focusing range from 1.0 meter to infinity. This allows great low-light image capture and the built-in digital image stabilization helps keep your movies steady.

Framing and viewing your images is accomplished on the 1.5-inch, 70.2K dot LCD screen. Auto brightness and the LCD Glare Shield make it easy to see in any lighting condition.

The simple controls on the back allow anyone to pick up the camera and start recording. At the top left is the Video/Still image button to switch your shooting modes. Bottom left is the playback button, allowing you to watch your movies and see your still images. Top right is the button for your camera settings and the bottom right is the delete button. In the middle is the recording button with 4-way controller built around it. On top of starting and stopping, it also allows you to navigate your menus and make selections. Finally at the bottom is the Share button, allowing you to upload your images and movies to the site of your choice in just 3 steps.

Under the power button is the 5V-in - A/V (USB 2.0) port and reset button.

Recording your movies and images to the 128MB internal memory will not get you very far. For a little more space, the camera will accept SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB. To watch your HD movies anywhere, Kodak built in a HDMI port. Now the only thing you need to remember is a HDMI cable to watch on any HDTV.

Folding out from the top of the camera is the incredibly useful USB Arm. This allows the camera to be charged and to upload images and movies to any computer.

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