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EasyShare LS420

Features & Controls

Kodak LS420

The LS420 is equipped with an all-glass 38mm (35mm equiv.), f/3.9 lens. It has a 3.0X continuous digital zoom settable in 0.1X increments. This is a non-auto focus type lens with a focus distance of 0.8m (29 in.) to infinity.

To the right of the lens is the microphone for recording audio with the movie clips.

Kodak LS420

The eyelevel optical viewfinder with the Flash ready / Card activity light along side.

Kodak LS420

The built-in flash has modes for automatic, fill, red-eye, night shot, off. The working range of the flash is 2.6 to 8.2 feet (0.8 to 2.5 meters.)

Kodak LS420

Controls on top of the camera include the positive positioning ON / OFF slider switch, the push button flash mode control which doubles as the DPOF print order button when docked on the EasyShare camera dock and the large shutter release button.

Kodak LS420

Controls on the back include the four - way navigation joystick type lever in the center of the Mode Dial allows navigation through the menus and press it to make the selection. The Mode Dial positions are Setup, Play, Movie, and Record modes. The Menu buttons toggles the color LCD between general operations display and menu display.

Kodak LS420

On the back of the EasyShare Digital Camera Dock is the USB port for transferring images to the computer and a DC INput jack for the AC power transformer which is an auto voltage switching type between 100 - 240v, convenient when traveling. This is a special EasyShare camera dock and is included with the LS420 camera package, the LS420 can not be used with the regular EasyShare camera dock.

There is an Audio / Video Out port on the side of the camera, the video signal is selectable for NTSC or PAL standard. To hear the audio recorded on your movie clips you must be connected to a television via the included A/V cable or download the file to a computer via the camera dock as there is no speaker in the camera.

Kodak LS420

The LS420 has 8MB of internal memory that can store 49 pictures in Good quality, 12 pictures in Best quality or approximately 35 seconds of video in 320x240 mode. It is equipped with a Secure Digital / MultiMediaCard card slot to accept optional and removeable flash memory cards. Pictures and movie clips can be copied from the internal memory to flash cards.

Kodak LS420

Power is supplied by the proprietary and rechargeable Kodak KLIC-5000   3.7V 1050mAh Lithium battery pack which charges when the camera is craddled in the EasyShare camera dock in about three hours.

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