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Review posted 9/3/2003

Click on the DX6490 Zoom for a QTVR tour
Click on the DX6490 Zoom for a QTVR tour

The Kodak DX6490 zoom digital camera is the most advanced EasyShare digital camera to date and provides stunning image quality thanks to a number of innovative features. It incorporates a high quality 10X optical zoom lens, an exclusive high-speed, low-light precision auto-focus system, new Kodak Color Science image processing algorithms, and 4 megapixel (MP) resolution that results in sharp, striking prints up to 20 x 30 inches.

The DX6490 camera is the first to unite a professional quality Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 10X optical zoom lens (38-380 mm equivalent) with a f/2.8 - f/3.7 maximum aperture; a new Kodak Color Science image processing chip for the richest, most accurate colors; low-light precision auto focusing; and multiple shooting modes for optimal creative control - all with effortless operation that people have come to expect from Kodak. The aperture priority, shutter priority and manual modes lend a significant degree of advanced functionality for the more accomplished photographer, and its pre-programmed sport, night, portrait, landscape, close-up and automatic modes -- plus a new automatic fill flash for backlit scenes -- provide point-and-shoot simplicity.

A press of the DX6490 camera's red-jeweled "Share" button allows a person to immediately select printing, e-mailing, and mark as favorite options for each picture, and on-camera sharing is made simple with a 2.2-inch, high-resolution LCD screen. In addition, the camera's new album feature, when used in conjunction with Kodak EasyShare software v3.0, allows categorization of pictures right on the camera.

The DX6490 will be available worldwide beginning in September 2003 with a US$499 suggested retail price and establishes a new price-to-performance benchmark for 'advanced amateur' photography.

DX6490 Zoom Features

  • 4-megapixel CCD for prints up to 20 x 30"
  • 10X Schneider zoom 38 - 380 mm (35mm equivalent)
  • High-speed precision, low light auto-focus
  • Big 2.2-inch TFT color LCD, indoor/outdoor type
  • TTL Multi-pattern, center weighted, center spot metering
  • ISO equivalent of 80, 100, 200, 400, 800 or automatic
  • White balance: automatic, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
  • Color mode: b&w, sepia, saturated or natural color
  • Adjustable image sharpness
  • Exposure modes: Auto, sport, portrait, night, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual
  • Burst mode captures up to 6 pictures at approx. 3 fps
  • 320x240 movies w/sound length limited only by memory
  • 16MB internal memory, SD/MMC card slot
  • Powered by proprietary lithium battery pack
  • Audio-Video Out (NTSC or PAL selectable)
  • Included EasyShare camera dock/battery charger
  • Optional EasyShare printer dock 6000

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

The included Kodak EasyShare 6000 camera dock (U.S. bundled product) addresses two of the biggest objections to digital cameras: easy connection and battery charging. Once the camera is placed in the dock, pictures are automatically uploaded to the computer and the dock recharges the camera's battery pack. The system also includes software that allows users to connect to the Internet to e-mail or print their pictures. EasyShare makes picture sharing as easy as picture taking: one-button simple.

Physical Views

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

The very compact DX6490 and a standard CD for size comparison.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Zoom

The 10X Zoom Kodak DX6490 and Fuji FinePix S5000

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DX6490 Zoom Specifications

CCD resolution 4.23 MP (2408x1758 pixels)
image resolution 4.0 megapixel (2304x1728 pixels)
image quality 4.0MP - best (print, enlargement 20" x 30")
3.5MP - best (optimized ratio for 4" x 6" prints, 3:2)
2.1MP - better (small print)
1.1 MP - good (e-mail)
zoom lens Schneider Kreuznach Variogon
10X optical zoom, 6.3-63.2mm (35mm equivalent: 38-380mm)
3.0X Advanced Digital Zoom
focus/auto-focus Multi-zone, center-spot
focus distance wide std. - 0.6m (2 ft.) to infinity; tele std. -- 2m (6.6 ft.) to infinity; wide/tele infinity: 20m (65.6 ft.) to infinity
display LCD - 2.2" (5.6cm) 153k pixels, Indoor/Outdoor display;
aperture f/2.8 - 8.0 (wide); f3.7 - 8.0 (tele)
shutter speed 16-1/1700 sec.
ISO equivalent Automatic - (80 - 160); Selectable - 80/100/200/400/800
white balance auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
flash mode automatic, fill, red-eye, off; external flash synch available
flash range wide - 0.5 - 4.9m (1.6 - 16.1ft.); tele - 2.0 - 3.7m (6.6 - 12.1 ft.)
viewfinder electronic - 1.1cm (.44 in.), 180K pixels (800x225)
self-timer 10 seconds
scene/other modes automatic, sport, portrait, night, landscape, close-up, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual
color mode color, black and white, sepia, saturated, neutral, sharpness (sharp, standard, soft)
macro/close-up mode wide - 12 - 70cm (4.7 - 27.6 in.); tele - 120-210cm (47.2 - 82.7 in.)
burst mode 3 fps, up to 6 pictures
light metering method TTL-AE (menu selectable: multi-pattern, center weighted, center spot
exposure compensation +/- 2.0 EV with 0.33 EV step increments
exposure control program AE aperature priority, shutter priority, manual
click to capture 0.65 seconds
shot to shot <2 seconds
movie mode continuous digital video with audio capture, audio playback on camera
movie image resolution 320 x 240 pixels at 20 fps
movie length up to 80 minutes, limited by capacity of external memory card
capture mode capture always ready
auto-orientation auto picture rotation
delete dedicated delete button
review dedicated review button
share dedicated share button
review mode 2X or 4X magnify, picture info, slide show, multi-up, fast scroll, protect, albums
video out NTSC, PAL (user-selectable)
software Kodak EasyShare software v3.1
interface Dock Compatibility - Kodak EasyShare camera dock 6000, Kodak EasyShare printer dock 6000
storage internal storage: 16 MB internal memory
external storage: MMC/SD card expansion slot
power options Kodak EasyShare 3.7V 1700mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery (KLIC 5000 or KLIC 5001)
Kodak EasyShare camera dock 6000 (included)
optional 5V adapter
optional Kodak EasyShare printer dock 6000
image file format still: JPEG/EXIF v2.2; movie: Quicktime
interface USB 2.0 compatible, Kodak EasyShare camera dock 6000 and Kodak EasyShare printer dock 6000 compatible
lens protection lens cap tethered to camera body
tripod mount 1/4 in. standard
weight 337g / 11.9 oz. (without battery and memory card)
dimensions WxHxD 99.6 x 79.9 x 81.2mm
3.9 x 3.1 x 3.2 in.
warranty one year
System Requirements
  • WINDOWS 98, 2000, Millennium Edition, or XP
  • Personal computer with 200 MHz processor or greater
  • 32MB RAM available
  • 70MB hard drive disk space available
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Available USB port
  • 16-bit or higher color monitor

  • POWERMAC System
  • 64MB RAM available
  • 100MB hard drive disk space available
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Available USB port
  • 16-bit or higher color monitor

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