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Kodak DX4330 Zoom

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Record Mode Screens & Menus

Kodak DX4330 Zoom

This is the screen display in the default AUTO (point-n-shoot) mode. Across the top are icons for flash mode, image quality, pictures remaining and internal memory or card storage. In the center are the auto focus marks, it has a 3 zone AF system and will automatically select center, right or left zones. The icon on the bottom changes depending on the exposure mode.

Kodak DX4330 Zoom

Here we have half-pressed the shutter and the camera has selected the "left" AF zone as indicated by the smaller and red colored AF brackets.

Kodak DX4330 Zoom

This is an animated view of the other exposure modes' screen displays. As you can see, very little changes except for the icon on the bottom. The zoom is not available in movie capture mode.

Kodak DX4330 Zoom

The MENU while in Still Record mode:

    Self Timer - Enable the 10 sec shutter delay

    Image Storage - Select internal memory or card slot

    Exposure Compensation - Override metering by +/- 2.0EV in 0.5EV steps

    Long Time Exposure - Select a shutter speed of   0.7s, 1s, 1.5s, 2s, 3s, 4s

    Picture Quality - Best 3.1MP 2160x1400, Better 2.2MP 1800x1200, or Good 0.8MP 1080x720

    Date Stamp - Off, YYYY MM DD, MM DD YYYY, DD MM YYYY (overlay date stamp in lower right hand corner of picture)

    Orientation Sensor - Enable or disable the automatic rotation feature for portrait mode pictures.

Kodak DX4330 Zoom

The SETUP menu:

    Return - go back to regular menu

    Default Print Quantity - Sets the default number of prints for the Share print function

    Quickview - Enable or disable the post-capture preview option

    Liveview - Color LCD on or off by default

    Shutter Sound - Enable/disable shutter sounds

    Date & Time - Set the internal clock

    Video Out - Video output format - NTSC or PAL

    Language - Menu language - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portugese

    Format - Format internal memory or memory card

    About - Display camera firmware revision number

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