Kodak DX3700 Review

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Kodak DX3700

The Video Out feature is limited to displaying the stored images in full screen mode, as shown here or magnified as in the next frame.

Kodak DX3700

With the image magnified you can pan around inside of the 2X enlarged image using the 4-way selector.

Kodak DX3700

The SETUP menu has options for:

  • Language - Set the menu language
  • Date/Time - Set the internal clock and enable time stamping
  • Review - Start a slideshow and set the interval. Video out format (NTSC or PAL). Set Print Order (DPOF) information
  • Capture - Set image quality (Best 2160 x 1440, Better 1072 x 720 or Good 720 x 480). Enable Macro mode. Enable Quickview, shows picture immediately after capture on LCD.
  • Copy - If using a SD or MMC flash card you can copy the pictures stored on the camera's 8MB of internal memory to the flash card.
  • About Camera - Display camera model and firmware revision
  • Format - Format memory card if inserted or internal memory if no card present.

Steve's Conclusion

The Kodak DX3700 is a great way to get started in digital photography without breaking the bank. The camera outfit including the docking cradle and rechargeable battery pack can be had for less than $500. The 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution will give you photo- quality 8x10" prints from any good photo inkjet printer. The built-in memory is sufficient for approx. 6 Best, 14 Better or 52 Good quality pictures. The DX3700's MultiMediaCard card expansion slot accepts either MMC or SD (Secure Data) type of flash memory cards to further extend your image capturing capabilities.

The DX3700 has a fixed focal length lens but it does have a real autofocus system. It also has a digital zoom option but this produces less than optimum images as it only magnifies the central portion of the picture. This is something that I have always felt was better done later in software than inside of the camera. The autofocus has two settings, normal and macro. In macro mode I was able to capture subjects at less than a foot from the camera and the built-in flash throttles down well to avoid over-exposure at close range.

Overall I was quite pleased with the image quality, the color and sharpness of the images are very good for a camera in this price class. It does offer a Video Out feature to allow the camera to be connected to a TV for image display but lacks the more "fancy" playback options like a thumbnail index mode found on other cameras. The Kodak Picture Software provided allows for quick and easy downloading of image data whether you are using the optional EasyShare docking cradle or just plugging the USB cable directly into the camera. For those that will be more than the "occassional" user I would recommend the purchase of the EasyShare dock as it comes with a rechargeable battery pack that is charged while in the dock.

If you know someone that has been getting the itch to go digital, the Kodak DX3700 might be just what they're looking for. It is an easy to use camera that yields good image quality and it's quite affordable.

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