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Kodak DX3500

Record Mode Screens & Menus

Kodak DX3500

Because there is no data LCD display all of the camera settings must be checked on the color LCD. When you first turn the camera on the icons shown on the top of this screen are displayed for several seconds and then the color LCD turns itself off. These settings can be displayed at anytime by pressing the Right arrow button.

Across the top from left to right: Flash status, image quality (2 stars for 1800x1200 or 1 star for 900x600), number of pictures remaining and the memory source (internal or card).

The Quickview option will display the picture just taken for about four seconds as shown here with the Trashcan icon enabled so you can immediately delete it before it is stored. If you do nothing the image will be stored and the LCD turns off again.

Kodak DX3500

If the LCD is enabled you can use the Digital Zoom feature by pressing the Up button. The digital zoom is variable from 1.1x to 3.0x and is indicated by an icon on the lower left of the screen. The icon in the center of the bottom indicates that the date stamping option is active.

Kodak DX3500

When the camera is switched into Macro mode the color LCD is automatically turned on. The macro range is 9-12 inches so there would be severe parallax error if you tried to frame the shot using the optical viewfinder.

Kodak DX3500

Pressing the Flash button on the back cycles through the various flash modes as indicated on the color LCD screen. If the LCD is off it will turn on for several seconds each time you push the button to change the flash mode.

Kodak DX3500

Pressing the MENU button while in Record mode lets you change the following options:

    Self Timer - On or Off (10 second delay)

    Quality - Best 1800 x 1200 or Good 900 x 600 (should be called Size as there is no setting for JPEG quality, just image size)

    Image Storage - Internal or Auto (if CF card is inserted then use it)

    Date Stamp - Off, YYYY MM DD, MM DD YYYY, DD MM YYYY (overlay date stamp in lower right hand corner of picture)

    Quickview - Off or On (display picture just taken and allow for deletion)

Kodak DX3500

The SETUP menu accessed from the Mode Dial:

    Display Brightness - Adjust the LCD backlight intensity

    Date & Time - Set the time and date

    Video Out - NTSC or PAL format

    Language - Menu language

    Image Storage - Internal or CF card

    About - Display firmware revision number

    Format - Format the memory card or internal memory

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