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Kodak Professional DCS 720x

Camera Features

The DCS 720x accepts all Nikkor F mount lenses. Because the CCD imager is physically smaller than a 35mm film frame the focal length of the lens used must be multiplied by 1.6x (50mm lens = 80mm).

The camera is supplied with an infrared blocking filter which can be swapped out for an optional high quality anti-aliasing filter (which also has IR blocking) if desired. In my testing the camera frequently produced heavy moir� patterns when used without the AA filter.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

Nikon's multi-meter finder DP-30 is standard for the DCS 720x camera; it's a fixed eyelevel pentaprism, high-eyepoint type; 0.8X magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity; approx. 100% frame coverage. Interchangeable with Nikon AE action finder DA-30, 6X high-magnification finder DW-31 and waist-level finder DW-30 with limited functionality

The Nikon advanced EC-B-type focusing screen is interchangeable with 12 other optional screens.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

Inside the viewfinder is an LCD display that shows the metering system, focus indication, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, electronic analog exposure display, exposure compensation mark; exposure level indicators, flash ready light LED, aperture direct readout, focus indicators and focus area indicators also shown

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

The heart of the DCS 720x's camera controls. Main power switch (if turned past the "on" position it illuminates the data LCD), shutter release, EV override, camera operating mode (Program, Aperture, Shutter, Manual) and focus mode buttons.

The monochrome data LCD displays the settings for these options. Shown here it is displaying Vari-Program (P*) mode with dynamic focus tracking enabled. The shutter speed is 1/125 second and the aperture is F7.1

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

Along the back edge is the Auto Exposure Lock (AE-L) / Auto Focus Lock (AF-L) and the AF-ON button. The Main Command dial is used in conjunction with other function buttons to change camera modes and options.

On the side of the prism is the diopter adjustment knob and the metering control switch. Metering options are 3D Color Matrix, Center-weighted and Spot.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

The flash hot shoe allows you to easily mount external speedlights like the Nikon SB-28D shown here. You can also connect speedlights and studio strobes via the PC sync connector on the front.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

On the front, below the shutter button is the sub-command dial, this allows you to adjust the f/stop values, shutter speeds and etc. depending on what mode of operation the camera is in.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

The drive mode dial allows selection of:

  • S - Single frame
  • CL - Continuous Low-Speed 4.3fps
  • CH - Continuous High-Speed 4.3fps
  • CS - Continuous Silent Low-Speed 4.3fps
  • Self-Timer

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

Because of the size and weight of the camera, there's a vertical shutter release and secondary hand grip to make shooting in portrait orientation easier.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

Power is supplied by a high-capacity 7.2v NiMH battery pack that fits into the same compartment as the PCMCIA card slots.

Kodak Professional DCS 720x

The supplied dual battery rapid charger runs off of either an AC supply or 12v cigarette lighter cord. One or two of the NiMH battery packs can be charged or conditioned at the same time. Batteries will be charged to 80% in one hour, a 100% charge requires another two hours.

Kodak Professional DCS 720xKodak Professional DCS 720x

On the side is an AC power input connector and an IEEE-1394 "FireWire" data port. The DCS 720x can be operated as a tethered camera (with extremely fast image acquisition speed) in a studio environment. On the back is a 10-pin connector that interfaces the camera to options like a cell phone

Inside of the battery/PCMCIA compartment is a serial port for connecting to a GPS unit or cell phone, settable for data in or data out and 1200 to 38,400 baud. There's also a Video Out port for connecting to a NTSC or PAL type video device.

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