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The Kodak CX7300 is an entry-level 3.2 megapixel camera, that offers users fully-automatic operation for point-n-shoot simplicity. Designed for the first-time digicam buyer, the CX7300 has exposure modes for Auto, Movie, and Night scene. Its lightweight plastic body is small enough to be carried in your pants pocket or purse. Being a member of Kodak's EasyShare system, it is supported by the same easy to use software, and optional docking stations as with other 6000/7000 series EasyShare cameras.

Kodak equipped this camera with a fixed focal length lens of 37mm (35mm equivalent). The lens is made from a combination of glass and plastic, is reasonably sharp, and the moderate wide angle is good for portraits of small groups and landscape shots. The focus is also fixed, with a range of about 31 inches to infinity. There is no macro mode on this camera, so you won't be using it for close-up shots. The CX7300 offers both optical and LCD viewfinders. Although the LCD has no brightness adjustment, it does have an anti-reflective coating and we found it usable outdoors even in the bright Florida sun. However, when using it indoors in low ambient light, it can be difficult to use (you'll find using the optical viewfinder helpful in these circumstances.) Also using the optical viewfinder instead of the LCD will help conserve battery power.

The shooting performance is average for a camera in this price range. From power up to first image captured takes just under 6 seconds. Shutter lag measured about 6/10 of a second without the use of the flash, and about 7/10 of a second with the flash. The shot-to-shot capture rate averaged just under 3 seconds per image at Best picture quality with the flash off (measured the same with the flash.) I was able to capture only three sequence shots before the camera imposed a "Processing" warning, while writing its buffer contents to the SD/MMC memory card. The CX7300's shooting performance is more suited for portrait, landscape, and vacation snapshots than it is for action shots.

When shooting indoors, the 37mm focal length combined with the limited range of the flash (about 8 ft.) will limit your people shots to small group portraits. The CX7300 is equipped with both a self-timer and a tripod mount, so you'll be able to join in on you family or group portraits. I found flash shots were well-illuminated within the cameras limited range, but skin tones were a little on the red side. When using the "Auto" flash mode, I did also notice a small occurrence of redeye in most of our samples. However, our outdoor test shots were well-exposed, and colors were nicely saturated.

Bottom line - The EasyShare CX7300 will make a great choice for those just entering the digital world or anyone who wants something to replace all those disposable cameras they have been buying. The EasyShare CX7300 is easy to use, and produces 3.2 megapixel images capable of being printed at up to 8x10-inches. This is a great camera to start out with and one that you'll be happy to pass on to a family member or your children when you're ready to upgrade to a more advanced camera with greater capability.

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