Features & Controls

The JVC HM400 features a Konica Minolta HD (F 2.8-4.5), 10x (f 6.7-67mm) optical zoom lens, which allows for great low-light recording. This internal lens features optical image stabilization as well as an automatic lens cap that closes as soon as the camera is turned off. It has the option for manual focus.

The built-in flash, shown above has a range of up to 2m (6.6ft.) It features flash modes of Auto, auto red-eye, on, off and slow synchro.

Framing your movies and images is done with the flip-out, 2.8-inch LCD screen. The main feature on this screen is the Laser Touch control system. Just by touching one of the buttons or sliding your finger down the bar on the left side, allows you to select and scroll through the menus. Only the MENU and OK buttons are set, the other 3 change functionality as the menus change.

On top of the camera you will find the rocker zoom control, Snapshot button as well as some of the manual control buttons. A adjusts Aperture, S adjusts Shutter and the U allows you to set User specific settings to a quick button.

Hiding under the LCD are a variety of controls, including the Video/Still switch in the middle and the Power button in the bottom left. In the top right is the button to toggle Record and Playback modes. The block of 4 buttons to the right give you quick options for removing your movies from the camera by either uploading, creating a disk or exporting them for storage. Some of these buttons also serve other functions in different camera modes.

Another set of Manual controls can be found on the front of the camera. The switch allows you to select either brightness of focus, which can then be adjusted by the dial. To save and apply your adjustments, you can either press the set button on the front or press the Laser Button on the LCD screen.

Towards the front top of the camera you will see the stereo microphones that record sound for the camera. behind those is a hot show that allows you to add an accessory to the camera such as a more powerful MIC or a video shooting light.


Surrounding the battery on the back are all of the Input/Output ports on the camera, except for the USB which can be seen in the Side Controls shot above. To the left of the battery you will see a headphone out, Component out, HDMI out and the DC charging port. Above the battery you will see the AV output and Microphone Input (not shown).

To compliment the 32GB flash memory drive inside the camera, the HM400 also includes a SD/SDHC memory expansion slot. Your movies and photos can be saved directly to either memory source.

Available Recording Time:
Rec Modes Internal Memory SDHC Card
32GB 32GB 16GB 8GB
UXP 2hr 56min 2hr 40min 1hr 20min 40min
XP 4hr 9min 4hr 2hr 1hr
SP 5hr 53min 5hr 52min 2hr 56min 1hr 28min
EP 14hr 44min 14hr 40min 7hr 20min 3hr 40m

Available Still Images:
Image Sizes Internal Memory SDHC Card
32GB 32GB 16GB 8GB 4GB
4:3 3456x2592 (Fine) 7730 7810 3860 1930 960
16:9 3456x1944 (Fine) 9999 9999 5180 2570 1270

Powering the HM400 is a DC7.2V, 1460mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. It will allow for an Approx. recording time of 2 hours and 25 minutes with a recharging time of around 2 hours and 40 minutes.

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