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HP PhotoSmart R927

Record Modes & Menu Options

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures, the R927 does not output video without the optional HP 6221 Premium Camera Dock, so they were either photographed off of the LCD monitor or taken from a previous review.

HP PhotoSmart R927

This is the record screen when using "Auto" exposure mode. At the top there are icons for storage media (SD), battery condition, number of pictures remaining, and image size/quality.

HP PhotoSmart R927

After you have taken a picture, you can preview it in playback mode and select Image Advice, then the camera will display a screen like above.

HP PhotoSmart R927

Press the Mode button ("Up" on the 4-way controller) to change the exposure mode, selections are: Auto, Landscape, Portrait, Theatre, Panorama Left, Panorama Right, Action, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Beach, Snow, Sunset, Document, Aperture Priority, Shutter priority, Manual, and My Mode. You can also access these modes from the Record Menu.

HP PhotoSmart R927

The "Av" mode is for selecting the aperture value manually. The aperture value is dependant on the focal length of the lens and ranges from f2.8 - f7.8 in wide angle and f5.0 - f8.5 in telephoto.

HP PhotoSmart R927

The "Tv" mode is for selecting the shutter speed manually. Slow shutter speeds are used for night shots, low light situations and when you want a moving object to appear blurry (i.e. flowing water). Use of tripod is necessary for all slow shutter speed shots. Fast shutter speeds will "freeze" fast moving objects.

The Manual mode (not shown) lets you select both the aperture and shutter speed values. The camera will display an exposure meter to help you select the right settings to obtain a proper exposure.

HP PhotoSmart R927

Record menu options:
(Note, the Help option displays info. on a selected function)

    Shooting Mode - Choose the desired exposure mode
    Self-Timer - Off, On (10 seconds) and On - 2 Shots
    Red-eye Removal - On or Off
    Exposure Compensation - ±3 EV in 1/3 EV steps and Help
    Adaptive Lighting - Off, High, Low, and Help
    Bracketing - Off or On - take 3 shots with ±0.3, Adaptive Lighting or Color effects
    Image Quality - 8MP ***, 8MP **, 5MP **, 2MP **, VGA **, Custom, or Help
    Video Quality - VGA***, VGA**, QVGA*
    Burst Mode - On or Off
    White Balance - Auto, Sun, Shade, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Manual and Help
    Auto Focus Area - Multi or Spot
    AE Metering - Center, Spot, Average, and Help
    ISO Speed - Auto, 100, 200, 400, and Help
    Saturation - Low, Medium, High, and Help
    Sharpness - Low, Medium, High, and Help
    Contrast - Low, Medium, High, and Help
    Date & Time Imprint - Off, Date only, Date & Time, and Help
    Exit - Exit the menu system

HP PhotoSmart R927

Setup menu options:

    Display Brightness - Low, Medium, High
    Sounds Volume - Off, Low, High
    Focus Assist Light - Auto, Off
    Display Timeout - Never, 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds
    Instant Review - 1, 2, or 4 seconds, Off
    Digital Zoom - On, Off
    Live View Setup - On, Off
    Date & Time - Set Date and Time
    USB Configuration - Digital camera or Disk drive
    TV Configuration - NTSC or PAL
    Language - Choose from 6 different Languages
    Move Images to Card - Copies images from the internal memory to a memory card
    Reset Settings - Allows you to restore factory default settings
    Exit - Exit the menu system

HP PhotoSmart R927

The PhotoSmart R927 captures 640x480/24fps (Best and Normal quality) or 320x240 MPEG-1 movies with sound, the length is limited only by the capacity of the memory. You can use the optical zoom while recording video, but you will hear the noise of the lens movement.

HP PhotoSmart R927

You can access the Help menu in either Record or Playback mode. This is a very useful tool, that gives users a lengthy description of various features and controls of the camera.

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