HP PhotoSmart R837 Review

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HP PhotoSmart R837

Features and Controls

HP PhotoSmart R837

The PhotoSmart R837 is equipped with a Fuji 3x optical zoom lens, 6.5 - 19.5 mm (equivalent to 39-118mm on 35mm camera). Its aperture range is f3.5 - f7.4 in wide angle, f4.2 - f8.8 in telephoto. The lens is protected by the sliding lens cover, which also turns the camera On/Off.

Auto focus is achieved by a TTL, contrast-gradient AF system. There are Normal, Macro, and Landscape focus modes. The auto focus range is from 0.5 m (20 in.) - infinity in Wide and 0.6m (23.6 in.) - infinity in Telephoto. Macro mode will get you as close as 0.10 m (4.0 in.) at wide angle.

The Built-in auto-adjusting flash has modes for Auto (default), Flash on, and Flash off. The maximum flash working distance using ISO Auto is:

    Wide - 13.5 feet (4.1 m)
    Telephoto - 10.8 feet (3.3 m)

HP PhotoSmart R837

On the back is a large and bright 3.0-inch color LCD with 230,400 pixels of resolution. The LCD has a 170-degree wide viewing angle and shows 100% as the live viewfinder and during image review.

Controls on the back: Along the top edge is the Mode button for choosing the exposure mode, Flash mode button and the Mode switch (Still/Movie/Playback). Next is the Zoom control, which in playback mode brings up the thumbnail index and magnifies an image. The Menu/OK (center of the 4-way selector) button calls up the onscreen menu system and accepts selections. The 4-way selector is for navigating menus and selecting pictures for playback. Lastly are the Back and image Delete buttons.

HP PhotoSmart R837

Controls on top are the Built-in speaker and the Shutter release.

HP PhotoSmart R837

The PhotoSmart R837 comes with 32MB of internal memory and is compatible with SD (Secure Digital) cards up to 8GB. Shown here is the A Data "MyFlash" 4GB (150x) SD card.

Approx. Capacity of internal 32MB

Quality/Image Size Number of pictures Approx. Image Size
7MP Best 4 images 3.5 MB each
7MP Normal 5 images 2.5 MB each
5MP 8 images 1.8 MB each
2MP 20 images 800 KB each
VGA 93 images 200 KB each
Movie Best 15 seconds 24fps
Movie Better 50 seconds 12fps
Movie Good 90 seconds 24fps

HP PhotoSmart R837

The PhotoSmart R837 is powered by the proprietary HP R07 Li-ion rechargeable battery. HP claims three battery life values: Normal use approx. 240 images, minimized battery drain (less flash usable, etc.) approx. 340 images, or heavy drain approx. 140 images, with a fully changed battery.

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