PhotoSmart R837

PhotoSmart R837

HP PhotoSmart R837 Review

By Movable Type Admin

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HP PhotoSmart R837

Playback Modes & Menu Options

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures, the R837 does not output video without the optional HP 6221 Premium Camera Dock, so they were either photographed off of the LCD monitor or taken from a previous review.

HP PhotoSmart R837

When you press the Record/Playback mode button, the last image captured is displayed full screen with minimal exposure information. The 19 of 25 indicates that this is the nineteenth image of seventy five taken.

HP PhotoSmart R837 HP PhotoSmart R837

You can quickly search through stored images using the Index playback function which is activated by pressing the Wide zoom control button. Nine thumbnail size images will be displayed and you can select one using the 4-way controller and then pressing the Telephoto zoom or OK button. The camera also sorts your pictures by date, putting them into collections for easy searching.

HP PhotoSmart R837

The Playback menu options:

    Design Gallery - Delete current, all or format
    Photosmart Express - Print, Share, Buy Prints Online
    Tag - Add tags to pictures for organization
    View Slide show - Plays an automatic slide show of images stored in memory
    Stitch Panorama - Stitches panorama images together to create a single photo
    Move images to Card - copies pictures from internal memory to the SD card
    Camera Setup - Setup Menu
    Camera Help - Camera Help Menu

HP PhotoSmart R837

The Design Gallery menu options:

    Remove Red Eyes -Correct red eyes in images
    Rotate - Change orientation of images
    Apply Artistic Effects - Add a creative effect to an image
    Enhance Photos - Improve this image by fixing common problems
    Modify Color - Create a copy of this image in a new color
    Add Borders - Add a border to this image
    Crop - Select and save part of an image as a new file

HP PhotoSmart R837

You can magnify an image in Playback mode by pressing the telephoto zoom control button. This allows you to check images for critical focus, etc. You can then scroll around the image by using the 4-way controller.

HP PhotoSmart R927

(note: this animation was taken from our R707 review.)

You can easily take care of red-eye without having to transfer your image to a computer, thanks to the R837's in-camera red-eye removal. Going to the Image advice option will notify you if there is a possible occurrence of Red-eye, then you select Remove Red Eyes in the Design Gallery menu and it eliminates any red-eye and allows you to preview what was changed (see above), then you can opt to save it or cancel. When you save it, it overwrites the original, so if you do not want to lose the original file I would suggest copying it to your computer first (note: this animation was taken from the R707.)

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