HP PhotoSmart M537 Review

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HP PhotoSmart M537

Record Modes & Menu Options

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures, the M537 does not output video, so they were either photographed off of the LCD monitor or taken from a previous review.

HP PhotoSmart M537

This is the record screen when using "Auto" exposure mode. At the top there are icons for storage media (SD), number of pictures remaining, and image size/quality (6M/Best.)

HP PhotoSmart M537

You can access the Help menu in either Record or Playback mode. This is a very useful tool, that gives users a lengthy description of various features and controls of the camera.

HP PhotoSmart M537

Record menu options:

    Shooting Mode - Choose the desired exposure mode
    Image Quality - 6MP Best, 6MP Normal, 4MP, 2MP, VGA or Help
    Burst Mode - On or Off
    Date & Time Imprint - Off, Date only, Date & Time, or Help
    Camera Setup - Enter the Setup menu
    Camera Help - Enter the Camera Help Menu (shown above.)

HP PhotoSmart M537

The M537 offers 9 shooting modes to choose from:Auto Mode (default), Close Up, Steady Photo, Theatre, Landscape, Portrait, Action, Night Portrait, Sunset.

HP PhotoSmart M537

Setup menu options:

    Display Brightness - Low, Medium, High
    Camera Sounds Volume - On or Off
    Date & Time - Set Date and Time
    USB Configuration - Digital camera or Disk drive
    Language - Choose from 12 different Languages

HP PhotoSmart M537

The PhotoSmart M537 captures 320x250/24fps MOTION JPEG movies with sound, the length is limited only by the capacity of the memory. Because audio is recorded, the optical zoom may not be used while recording, but can be preset to the desired focal length beforehand.

HP PhotoSmart M537

Here are the movie mode menu options.

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