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HP Photosmart 735

Playback Modes & Menu Options

HP Photosmart 735

This is the image information screen while in the playback mode, on the top left is the aperature and shutter speed used, the ISO selected, the zoom position, the flash mode used, the file size, resolution and compression level used and the date.

HP Photosmart 735

The menu options are:

    Record Audio - Records up to 60 sec. of audio

    Delete - Delete current, all or format

    Magnify - Magnify the current image 4x (see below)

    Rotate - Rotate image 90° CW, may be used multiple times

    Image Info - See previous screen

    SETUP - Enter the SETUP menu, described on the previous page

HP Photosmart 735

When you select the MAGNIFY option from the menu it enlarges the current image 4X and then scroll right or left or up and down by using the 4 way Navigation control. No other magnifications are offered.

HP Photosmart 735

Up to 60-second voice memos can be attached to still images and then played back through the camera's speaker.

HP Photosmart 735

The motion video and audio clips are played back full-screen on the LCD.

HP Photosmart 735

Pressing the SHARE button brings up this onscreen menu. The first two options will embed DPOF (digital print order format) information for making prints. The third option called EMAIL uses HP's Instant Share software to select where photos will go - with up to 34 destinations including e-mail addresses, printers and more. The full suite of Photo Imaging software included with the Photosmart group of HP's new cameras helps take the 'mystery' out of getting images out of the camera. See below.

HP Photosmart 735

The HP Photo Imaging Software will auto launch when your camera is connected via the USB cable provided or the optional Dock is attached. As you move your mouse over each of the selections the main body of the window explains the option you are hovering over. If, in the camera you have tagged (DPOF) the images for printing or email, as soon as the auto upload to the computer has completed that process is automatically started. If no DPOF selections were made you can choose those actions here.

HP Photosmart 735

HP also provides a reasonable image manipulation package so, if you have that desire, you can tweak your images to your ideal before printing or emailing. The software was easy to use and has more capabilities than most users would ever want.

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