Features & Controls

The E1486TW is equipped with an 8x optical Wide zoom lens. With a focal length of 5.1mm (Wide) to 40.8mm (Tele) it has a 35mm equivalent of 28mm to 224mm. When the camera is powered down, the lens will retract into the body of the camera and a shield closes over the lens to protect the glass.

Focal Length:
  • Normal Mode: 23.6 in. Wide - 39.4 in. Telephoto
  • Macro mode: 2.0 in. Wide - 39.4 in. Telephoto

The flash is located on the left side of the lens at the top of the camera. There are 6 flash options including: Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Red-Eye + Slow Synchro, Slow Synchro and off. The effective range for wide angle is 17 ft. and for Telephoto its 10 ft.

The controls located on the top of the camera include the power button, the playback button, the zoom control as well as the shutter release.

There are no buttons or switches on the back of the E1486TW, all functions are controlled through the use of the cameras touch screen. Pictured here you an see the cameras mode button in the upper left, the settings button in the lower left as well as several other touchable icons accross the bottom.


There are two external ports on the side of the camera. At the top is the HDMI port which can is used to connect the camera to high-definition devices. Below that is the USB/AV port. This is used to connect to a myriad of devices such as televisions, printers and computers.

The E1486TW is compatible with all SD and SDHC memory cards up to 16GB in size, while featuring 18MB of internal memory. It is shown here with a 8GB Lexar Professional SDHC memory card.

Power for the camera comes from a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The included charger plugs directly into an outlet with no need of any cords. GE claims approximately 160 shots can be taken on a fully charged battery.

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