Playback Screens & Menus

The GE E1250TW only outputs a slideshow when the A/V cable is plugged in so our screens have been taken from the GE users manual.

In playback mode, the last image taken is the first one that is displayed when you press the playback button. Just like in REC mode, the bottom right corner changes the amount of information that is shown on the screen. There are three different amounts of information that can be shown including the one above and a screen that shows just the image with no information.

Index mode allows you to quickly search through the images that you have captured. Pressing the wide zoom control brings up a screen of 4 thumbnails and pressing it again changes it to 9.


Pressing the zoom control towards the telephoto end allows you to zoom in on your images up to 8x. Once you have zoomed in, press and hold on the screen for 1 second and you will be able to drag the image around on the screen.


Playback Menu Options:
  • Protect - Protects an image from being deleted from the memory card
  • Delete - Removes an image from the memory card
  • DPOF - Sets the parameters for printing directly from the camera
  • Slideshow - Runs a slideshow of the images saved on the memory card

Just like in REC mode, shortcuts are displayed at the bottom of the playback screen. Options like Rotate (shown above) and crop are available here. To rotate your image, you have to make a circle on the screen to get the image to turn.

Movie playback gives you VCR or DVR-like controls that allow you to play, pause, return to beginning, and move frame by frame in either direction. While the video is playing, you can adjust the volume via the icon in the bottom left.

Camera Settings Options:
  • Format Memory - Formats the Memory card inside the camera
  • Beep - Adjust the levels of the beeps for Volume, Shutter, Self-Timer, Key, Power
  • LCD Brightness - Auto adjustment or Manual adjustment
  • Power Saver - Controls when the LCD screen and camera will automatically turn off
  • Date / Time - Sets the date and time on the camera
  • Zone - Allows you to choose the area of the world you are currently in, so the camera can automatically adjust the time
  • File Numbering - Reset or Continuous
  • Language - Choose the camera's menu language
  • Video System - NTSC or PAL
  • Copy to Card - Copy images to the memory card from internal memory
  • Reset Settings - Resets the camera to the factory defaults
  • FW Version - Displays the camera's current firmware version
  • USB Mode - PC, PC (PTP), Printer
  • HDMI Mode - Auto, Manual

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