Features & Controls

Equipped with a 5x optical zoom lens, the GE E1250TW has a 35mm equivalent of 28-140mm and is made up of 9 elements in 8 groups. When not in use, the lens retracts into the camera body and a built-in lens cap covers the lens.

Focusing Range:
  • Normal: wide - 1.97 feet (0.6m) to ∞, telephoto - 2.62 feet (0.8m) to ∞
  • Macro: wide - 0.16 feet (0.05m) to 2.62 feet (0.8m)

The built-in flash offers Auto, Red-eye reduction, Forced on and off, Slow Sync and Slow Sync +Red-eye reduction flash modes. At ISO 100 it has a Gno. of 5.3.

Flash Range:
  • Wide: Approx. 1 foot - 10.5 feet (0.3m - 3.2m) ISO 400
  • Tele: Approx. 1 foot - 6.9 feet (0.3m - 2.1m) ISO 400

On top of the camera, you will see from left to right the power button, playback button, shutter release with zoom control coupled around it and at the far right is the camera's built-in speaker.

The only thing that you will find on back of the camera is the 3-inch touch LCD screen that is used for framing and viewing your images as well as navigating the menus and making any changes to the camera's settings. On the right side, the thumb grip allows you to easily hold and operate the camera with just one hand.


Two I/O ports can be found on this GE camera. First on the left is the USB 2.0 port which not only allows you to quickly upload images from your camera to your computer and directly print from the camera, it also works as a video output with the included A/V cable.

For viewing your HD movies on a HDTV, there is a HDMI port built (below) into the bottom on the camera (HDMI cable not included).


The GE is compatible with all SD and SDHC memory cards up to 8GB in size, while featuring 18MB of internal memory. It is shown here with a 1GB Transcend SD memory card. Just in case you would happen to forget or fill a memory card, the camera also has 18MB of memory built-in to hold a couple more shots.

The E1250TW is powered by a 3.7V, 1050mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery (GB-40). GE claims that the camera is capable of capturing 180 shots with CIPA standards. Also included is the external battery charger, allowing you to recharge the battery anywhere you can find an outlet.

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