Record Screens & Menus


Fuji's SR+ Auto is their most advanced point-n-shoot mode. The camera detects and chooses the best settings and exposure modes for the current situation. This includes choosing the best scene modes when applicable, surpassing most auto shooting modes. 

Program is another point-n-shoot auto mode, but many of the controls and settings have been opened up for the user to define. Only the shutter speed and aperture is strictly controlled by the camera. The animation above shows the different amounts of shooting information that is available, including the information only screen which is very useful when using the optical view finder. 

For your specific shooting situations, you can still find the specific Scene Modes: Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Underwater, Party, Flower and Text.

Using the power of the image sensor and processor, Fuji has included some advanced shooting modes with some fun and creative results. Advanced Mode: Toy Camera, Panorama, Pro Focus, Pro Low-Light and Multiple Exposure

Pressing the "Q" on the back of the camera allows you to quickly change the following functions via the command dial on the back: ISO, Dynamic Range, White Balance, Noise Reduction, Image Size, Image Quality, Film Simulation, Highlight Tone, Shadow Tone, Color, Sharpness, Self-Timer, AF Mode, IS Mode and LCD brightness.

Program Shooting Menu:
  • ISO - Auto, 100, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6400, 12,800. Auto allows you to set the Default Sensitivity, Max. Sensitivity and minimum Shutter Speed
  • Image Size - Choose the Size (L/M/S) and Aspect (4:3/3:2/16:9/1:1) of image files
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal, Fine + RAW, Normal + RAW, RAW
  • Dynamic Range - Auto, 100%, 200%, 400% 
  • Film Situation - PROVIA/STANDARD, VELVIA/VIVID, ASTIA/SOFT, PRO NEG. HI, PRO NEG. STD, Black and White, MONO-CHROME +Ye Filter, MONO-CHROME + R Filter, MONO-CHROME + G Filter, Sepia
  • Film Simulation BKT - Choose the 3 film modes for BKT shooting
  • Color - Adjust color density
  • Sharpness - Adjust Sharpness
  • Highlight Tone - Adjust Highlight Tone
  • Shadow Tone - Adjust Shadow Tone
  • Noise Reduction - Adjust the amount of Noise Reduction
  • Intelligent Digital Zoom - 2x: On or Off
  • Advanced Anti Blur - On or Off
  • Face Detection - On or Off
  • AF Mode - Multi, Area, or Tracking
  • MF Assist - Standard, Focus Peak Highlight (High, Low)
  • Fn Button - Choose the setting controlled by the Fn button
  • DISP. Custom Setting - Choose what items are displayed on the LCD
  • Flash - Adjust the output of the built-in flash unit: +/- 2/3 EV
  • External Flash - Choose On when using Non-FujiFilm Brand flash units
  • Custom Set - Save a current set of camera settings for later use (C1 and C2)
  • OVF/LCD Setting - Eye Sensor, LCD, OVF

The high performance of the X20 allows it to record video at full 1080p HD resolution at 60fps. 720p and 640x480 resolutions are also available, as well as a few lower quality, high speed modes. Since the camera uses a manual 4x optical zoom, that is also available for adjustment during recording. Audio for your home movies is captured by the camera's built-in stereo microphone. Via USB, Fuji also makes and external microphone for increased audio quality.

Movie Menu:
  • Movie Mode - 1920x1080 60fps, 1280x720 60fps, 640x480 30fps, 640x480 80fps, 320x240 150fps, 320x112 250fps
  • Face Detection - On or Off
  • Scene Recognition - On or Off
  • Film Simulation - Standard, Black & White, MonoChrome + Yellow, MonoChrome + Red, MonoChrome + Green, Sepia
  • Still Shooting in Movie - Movie Priority, Still Image Priority
  • Mic Level Adjustment - Control the recording level of the audio input

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