Record Screens & Menus

The X-E1 has the option of allowing you to shoot using the LCD or just to use it as an information screen; much like that of a dSLR. If you are shooting with it, you have the option to turn the information on and off. With the information screen up, you still have to turn a dial or use the quick menu to make any changes.

Pressing the "Q" on the back of the camera takes you to the quick menu. Here you have 16 camera settings that can be accessed with the 4-way controller and changed with the command dial.

Pressing the DRIVE button on the back is how you change/select the shooting or drive mode for the camera. Your single shot, continuous, movie, panorama and bracketing modes are all here.

Shooting Menu:
  • ISO - 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6400, H(12800), H(25600), L(100), Auto (400-12800)
  • Image Size - L 3:2, L 16:9, L 1:1, M 3:2, M 16:9, M1:1, S 3:2, S 16:9 S 1:1
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal, Fine+RAW, Normal+RAW, RAW
  • Dynamic Range - Auto, DR100, DR200, DR400
  • Film Simulation - Standard (Provia), Vivid (Velvia), Soft (Astia), Pro Neg. Hi, Pro Neg. Std, Monochrome, Monochrome+Yellow Filter, Monochrome+Red Filter, Monochrome+Green Filter, Sepia
  • Film Simulation BKT - Choose the three film styles for bracketing shots
  • Self-Timer - Off, 2 sec, 10 sec.
  • White Balance - Auto, Custom, Color Temp, Fine, Shade, Fluorescent 1-3, Incandescent, Underwater
  • Color - Low, Medium Low, Mid, Medium High, High
  • Sharpness - Soft, Medium Soft, Standard, Medium High, Hard
  • Highlight Tone - Soft, Medium Soft, Standard, Medium High, Hard
  • Shadow Tone - Soft, Medium Soft, Standard, Medium High, Hard
  • Long Exoposure Noise Reduction - On or Off
  • Select Custom Settings - Custom 1, 2, 3
  • Edit/Save Custom Setting - Custom 1, 2, 3
  • DISP. Custom Setting - OVF, EVF/OVF (choose the settings to show on these displays)
  • Fn Button - Choose the setting represented by the Fn button
  • DISP. Custom Setting - OVF, EVF/OVF (choose the settings to show on these displays)
  • Framing Guide - Grid 9, Grid 24, HD Framing
  • Lens Mount Adapter Setting - 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm
  • Shoot Without Lens - On or Off
  • Multiple Exposure - On or Off
  • AF Mode - Area, Multi
  • AF Illuminator - On or Off
  • AE/AF-Lock Mode - AE&AF on when pressing, AE&AF on/off switch
  • AE/AF-Lock Button - AE Lock Only, AF Lock Only, AE/AF Lock
  • Autorotate PB - On or Off
  • IS Mode - Continuous, Shooting Only
  • Flash Mode - Auto, Forced, Slow Sync, 2nd Curtain Sync, Commnader
  • Flash Compensation - 0, ±1/3, ±2/3
  • Red Eye Removal - On or Off
  • Save Original Image - On or Off

Movie mode allows you to record Full 1080p or 720p HD videos with sound at 24fps. A single movie cannot exceed 29 minutes in length. Audio is recorded on a built-in stereo mic, but an external microphone can be used as well thanks to the audio input jack.

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