Playback Screens & Menus

Playback mode allows you to view all of the images and videos that are saved on the SD card. While viewing still images, you have the choice of no information, basic information, the images star rating and a full list of shooting information including a histogram.

Pressing the AE/ - magnifying glass button while in playback mode takes you the index mode. Here you have several choices for quickly searching through your stored images. Once you are on an image, you can either press OK or the + magnifying glass to view just that image.

Pressing the AF/ + magnifying glass button while on an image allows you to zoom in. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image. The small window in the bottom right shows you what portion of the original image you are seeing on the screen.

The playback menu allows you to search, erase, and mark images for upload. There are several editing options available as well as a slideshow option and program to help you make photobooks.

The cropping option allows you to crop or trim an image while it is still on the camera. This is a faster, easier way than transferring it to your computer to do it.

The image rotate option allows you to change the orientation of an image by 90° at a time. Again this is much faster than using a computer to do it, and it can be done in the field at any time.

The camera gives you simple playback controls that allow you to watch your movies on the LCD screen. The controls include play, pause and stop. With an optional HDMI cable, these movies can also be watched on a HDTV.

Set-Up Menu:
  • Date/Time - Set the date and time in the camera
  • Time Difference - Home, Local
  • Language - Set the language for the displayed text
  • Reset - Reset all camera menu options and camera settings to factory defaults
  • Silent Mode - On, Off
  • Frame Number - Continuous, Renew
  • Focus Ring - Clockwise, Counter clockwise
  • EVF/LCD Brightness - ± 5 steps
  • Quick Start Mode - On or Off
  • Auto Power Off - 2 min., 5min. or Off
  • Operation Volume - Off, Low, Medium, High
  • Image Disp. - 3 Sec., 1.5 Sec, Zoom (Continuous), Off
  • Sensor Cleaning - OK, Switched On (On or Off), Switched Off (On or Off)
  • Color Space - sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • Guidance Display - On or Off
  • Focus Scale Units - Meters, Feet
  • Background Color - Silver, Gold, Blue, White, Yello, Green
  • Format - Format the memory

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