Features & Controls (cont.)


The flash pops up from the top panel, opposite the mode dial and shutter button. Notice the rugged construction of the metal hinge mechanism. It springs the flash unit upward and forward in order to diminish the chance of a long shadow from the zoom lens. However, the manual warns that some lenses may still get in the way of the built-in flash's cast of light.

The flash offers only a modest range. With the 16mm-50mm kit lens, the flash dropped off dramatically at just 10 feet or so, when shooting at wide angle. At full zoom, it could cast some light on subjects 15 to 20 feet away, but the lighting was not particularly strong.

The best feature of the flash is that you can set it to always fire (forced flash) when raised - or use any other of the flash modes. On the downside, when the flash is retracted, you can't change the flash mode for when it's raised. You have to pop up the flash to change its mode.

To the left of the flash is an external flash hot shoe, for mounting a more powerful flash.

Flash mode menu:
  • Auto/red eye reduction
  • Forced flash (for backlit subjects in bright light)
  • Slow synchro (for shooting in low light)
  • Second curtain sync (flash fires just before shutter closes)
  • Commander (for commanding optional remote flash units)

Fujifilm_X-A1-back_flash-button.jpgThe flash button is located at the top of the back panel, just below the flash hot shoe.

The hot shoe can accommodate a Fujifilm flash (optional). At press time, three compatible models were available.

The X-A1 has two ports: a mini HDMI and a USB/AV combo port. The camera comes with a USB cable, but HDMI and A/V cables are optional.

Fujifilm_X-A1-battery.jpgThe camera's Li-ion battery is charged in the external charger, which connects to an outlet via power cord (not pictured).

The X-A1 stores images on an SD Card, which you insert in the slot just behind the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.

Memory card formats:
  • SD
  • SDHC
  • SDXC

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