Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. The XP170 kit does not include an AV output cable, therefore we had to photograph the display screen.

Press the Playback button on the back of the XP170 to look at the images that you have stored in the camera's internal memory or on the memory card. You'll see quite a bit of information about each photo displayed on the screen, including the date and time the image was shot, along with the shutter speed and aperture setting, in the lower left corner. In the upper right corner, the XP170 displays the file number, ISO setting, and resolution and aspect ratio of the image. You can turn all of this information off using the Disp/Back button.

Playback - zoom.jpg
If you need to check the sharpness of a particular area of the scene of a photo you've taken, you can zoom in using the Playback feature. With an image on the screen, press the zoom switch to the right, and you'll begin zooming in. Continue pressing the switch to the right to increase the magnification. Fujifilm offers 15 different magnification settings as part of Playback. Use the four-way buttons to change your perspective inside the magnified image, using the small image in the lower right to help guide you.

Playback - GIF sort by.gif
To scroll through the images stored in memory more quickly, you can display multiple images on the screen of the XP170 at one time. With an image displayed, press the zoom switch to the left, and you'll see the screens displayed here. You can view one primary image with smaller images to the sides, a 2x2 grid, a 3x3 grid, and a 10x10 grid of images by continuing to press the zoom switch to the left. To have fewer images displayed on the screen, press the zoom switch back to the right. Once you have the image you want to see in the full screen highlighted, press the Menu/OK button.

Playback - GIF menu.gif
The Playback menu gives you several options for controlling your saved images, while also doing some minor editing. You also can control the wireless uploading of saved images to a smartphone through this menu, using the XP170's built-in wireless capabilities.

The menu options, some of which may be grayed out depending on the type of image you're viewing, are:

  • Photobook Assist
  • Wireless Image Transfer
  • Image Search - By Date, By Face, By Favorites, By Scene, By Type of Data, By Upload Mark
  • Erase - Back, Frame, Selected Frames, All Frames
  • Edit - Crop, Aspect Ratio (4:1, 8:3, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 3:4, 1:3), Brightness (+5 to -5 in one-step intervals), Contrast (+5 to -5 in one-step intervals), Color (+5 to -5 in one-step intervals), Sepia (0 to 5 in one-step intervals), Face Mosaic
  • Movie Edit - Movie Trimming, Movie Join
  • Mark for Upload - YouTube, Facebook, Reset All
  • Slide Show - Normal, Fade-In, Multiple, Scrap Book View, Select BGM
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Protect - Frame, Set All, Reset All
  • Crop
  • Resize - M, S, 640
  • Image Rotate - 90 degrees, -90 degrees
  • Copy - Internal Memory to Memory Card, Memory Card to Internal Memory
  • Print Order - With Date, Without Date, Reset All
  • Disp Aspect

Playback - GIF movie main.gif
You also can watch your movies on the screen of the FinePix XP170. You'll see a very limited amount of information on the screen about the movie, including the date and time it was shot in the lower left corner, as well as the file number and resolution in the upper right corner. If you press the Disp/Back button, you can make all of the data about the movie disappear.

Press the down button of the four-way button to start playing the movie on the screen.

Playback - movie play.jpg
As you watch a movie on the screen, you'll see the amount of time elapsed in the upper right corner, as well as a bar showing how much of the video has played and is remaining to play along the upper area of the screen. Use the four-way button to stop or pause the movie during playback.

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