FinePix S200EXR

FinePix S200EXR

Record Screens & Menus


Shooting in AUTO mode allows you to turn on the camera, point and shoot. The only other thing that you might need to do is press the button to pop-up the flash, everything else is adjusted for you by the camera.

Fuji's EXR shooting modes choose a specific job for the image sensor, either high resolution, high dynamic range or low noise with high ISO. There is also an AUTO mode that matches one of these settings with a scene mode.

fuji_s200exr_rec_program_info_anim.gifProgram mode allows the user to control options like ISO, White Balance and Metering when shooting. The camera still adjusts for the exposure based on the user's settings. Above you can see the 3 different display modes that can be shown on the LCD or EVF during REC. mode.

fiji_s200exr_rec_manual.jpgManual mode gives you complete control over all of the settings on the camera. There is even a manual focus ring on the lens. Not pictured are Aperture and Shutter priority, which allow you to set an aperture or shutter setting and the camera will adjust the other accordingly.

fiji_s200exr_rec_ready.jpgPressing the shutter release half way allows the camera to auto-focus on your subject. When auto-focus is successful, you will see the yellow box with the white cross, if it is not successful, these will both turn red. It also displays your aperture and shutter speed in blue on the bottom.

fuji_s200exr_rec_scenes_anim.gifIncluded in Fuji's list of scene modes are two that require the camera to quickly capture 3 images (bracket) that it uses to combine into one. Pro Focus and Pro Low-Light use three images to produce crisp images with a soft background or to show clear images in low-light situations with very little noise. The other scene modes include: Natural Light, Natural Light & Flash, Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Flower, Text.

fuji_s200exr_rec_film_sim_anim.gifThe FSB mode on the mode dial is another that allows the camera to capture 3 images at a time. Each of the 3 images uses a different Fuji Film simulation. Provia/standard, Velvia/vivid, and Astia/soft are the 3 used. Black and white and Sepia can also be selected in any mode via the shooting menu.

fuji_s200exr_rec_4way_anim.gifThe 4-way controller provides you with 4 convenient shortcuts to commonly used settings. Pressing the "Up" button turns on the 2x digital magnification, "Right" controls the Flash settings, "Down" controls the Self Timer and "Left" controls the Macro shooting.

Shooting Menu:
  • IS0 - Auto (400-3200), 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400M, 12800S
  • Image Size - L 3:4, L 3:2, L 16:9, M 3:4, M 3:2, M 16:9, S 3:4, S 3:2, S 16:9
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal
  • Dynamic Range - Auto, 100%, 200%, 400%
  • Film Simulation - STD (Provia), Vivid (Velvia), Soft (Astia), Black & White, Sepia
  • WB Fine Tune -  Allows you to adjust the Red, Blue, Cyan and Yellow tones inside the camera
  • Color - High, Mid, Low
  • Tone - Hard, Standard, Soft
  • Sharpness - Hard, Standard, Soft
  • Noise Reduction - High, Standard, Low
  • AF Mode - Center, Multi, Area
  • AE BKT EV Steps - 1/3, 2/3 or 1 EV
  • Flash - Adjust output of the built-in flash (±2/3 EV)
  • External Flash - On or Off
  • High Speed Shooting - On or Off
  • Custom Set - Lock the current exposure settings to the Custom 1 or 2 position on the mode dial

fuji_s200exr_rec_burst_anim.gifBurst mode offers several different options: Top 6 (3 Raw), Last 6 (3 Raw), Top 24, Last 24, AE BKT, Film Simulation BKT, Dynamic Range BKT.

White Balance: Auto, Custom 1, Custom 2, Fine,  Shade, Fluorescent 1-2-3, Incandescent

fiji_s200exr_rec_movie.jpgMovie mode allows for the capture of video with audio at resolutions of 640x480 and 320x240. Because the zoom is controlled by turning the lens, you have access to the entire zoom range while you are recording. No matter what size memory card you are using, you movies are limited to file sizes of 2GB.

fiji_s200exr_rec_movie_menu.jpgMovie Shooting Menu:
  • Quality - 640, 320

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