FinePix JX580

FinePix JX580

Playback Screens & Menus


Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. The JX580 kit does not include an AV output cable, therefore we had to photograph the display screen.

Playback - GIF main.gif
When you press the Playback button in the bottom left corner of the FinePix JX580's back panel, you'll be able to see the images that you've previously shot that are stored on the memory card. You'll see information about the photo displayed on the screen, including the file number, ISO setting, resolution, and aspect ratio in the upper right corner. The shutter speed and aperture setting are displayed in the lower left, as are the date and time the photo was recorded. Press the Disp/Back button to remove the data from the screen, giving you a clearer look at the image.

With a single image on the Playback screen, you can zoom into a portion of the scene, allowing you to determine the sharpness of the image. Just press the right side of the zoom lens switch (marked with a T) to activate the magnification. Fujifilm included 10 distinct magnification stops with this feature. To zoom out, press the left side of the zoom switch (marked with a W). Keep in mind that the quality of the JX580's LCD screen is below average, so, when using the Playback magnification feature, I wouldn't completely rely on it to determine image sharpness.

Playback - GIF sorting.gif
To make it easier to find a single image that's stored on the memory card, Fujifilm included a scroll feature with its Playback options. While in Playback mode, press the left side of the zoom lens switch, and the screen will change to show one primary image in the middle, with smaller images on either side. Press the left side again, and you'll see a 2x2 grid, followed by a 3x3 grid, and finally a 10x10 grid of images. Press the right side to work back toward having fewer images displayed on the screen. To pick a single image, highlight it on the screen using the four-way button, and then press the Menu/OK button.

Playback - GIF menu.gif
To open the Playback menu, press the Playback button, followed by the Menu/OK button. You'll find a few options here for performing some basic editing features on your stored images. The JX580's Playback menu options, some of which may be grayed out depending on the type of image you're viewing, are:

  • Photobook Assist 
  • Image Search - By Date, By Face, By Favorites, By Scene, By Type of Data, By Upload Mark
  • Erase - Back, Frame, Selected Frames, All Frames
  • Movie Edit - Movie Trimming, Movie Join
  • Mark for Upload To - YouTube, Facebook, Reset All
  • Slide Show - Normal, Fade-In, Multiple
  • Protect - Frame, Set All, Reset All
  • Crop
  • Resize - M, S, 640
  • Image Rotate - 90 degrees, -90 degrees
  • Erase Face Recog.
  • Print Order (DPOF) - With Date, Without Date, Reset All

Playback - GIF movie main.gif
Once you've shot some movies with the FinePix JX580, you can play them back using the Playback feature. The camera has only a little bit of data about each movie on the screen, including the file number and video resolution in the upper right portion of the screen. The date and time that the movie was shot is in the lower left corner. It'd be nice if this data included the length of the video. 

Playback - Movie play back.jpg
You can start the movie by pressing the down button on the four-way switch. As the movie plays, you'll see the amount of time elapsed in the upper right corner. To stop the movie and return to the Playback screen, press the up button on the four-way switch. To just pause the movie, press the down button.

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