FinePix HS30EXR

FinePix HS30EXR

Record Screens & Menus


The most intelligent exposure mode on the HS30EXR is EXR Auto. This option not only chooses appropriate exposure settings and then applies appropriate scene settings, but EXR Auto takes it even further by choosing one of three image sensor modes; Resolution Priority, High ISO & Low Noise, D-Range Priority). 

fuji_hs30exr_rec_EXR-ready.jpgWhen you half-press the shutter release, all of the settings EXR Auto decides to use are chosen, then displayed at the bottom left. You'll also see the shutter speed and aperture the camera plans on using for the shot. In the center you can see the AF target marks in yellow.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_Auto.jpgAuto mode is pretty simple, offering very little options, and chooses all exposure settings for you. Unlike EXR Auto, it does not add any other settings to help you create better photos. We're not actually sure why Fuji even left Auto on this camera, since EXR Auto is superior by their claims, and you have Program AE if you want Auto Exposure without EXR settings. 

fuji_hs30exr_rec_program-info_anim.gifProgram offers fully automatic exposure control, however now you have access to more advanced settings like ISO, White Balance, Metering, Focus mode, etc.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_shutter.jpgShutter Priority mode gives you even more control than Program, allowing you to choose the shutter speed you want; while the camera chooses the appropriate aperture setting. A fast shutter speed will freeze action, while a slow shutter speed with show movement; like flowing water, etc.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_aperture.jpgAperture Priority mode is the exact opposite. You choose the aperture, and the camera selects the appropriate shutter speed. A large aperture (small f/number) provides more light to the sense, but reduces depth of field (aka range of focus). A small aperture (large f/number) gives you greater depth of field, but requires more light.

Manual mode is just that; manual. You now have to choose all of the settings to dial in the exposure. This option is great for those with experience, but can be daunting for first to new users. We recommend learning with the P/S/A modes, then move onto Manual once you are ready. One nice thing about the HS30 is that you get an exposure key at the bottom right that helps you dial in exposure as you change either setting.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_pro-focus_anim.gifAbove is a screen from one of Pro-Focus modes. This is one of four Advanced modes (Pro Focus, Pro Low Light, Multiple Exposure, Individual Shutter 3D). These Advanced settings use Multi-exposure technology to help produce higher-quality results. This is accomplished by combining data from several shots, creating an even more detail packed final image. These modes require more in-camera processing, therefore camera performance is reduced slightly when using them. 

Pro Scene Modes:
  • Pro Focus - Pin-sharp subject with a soft background
  • Pro Low-Light - Enables you to capture images in low-light with low noise and no tripod
  • Multiple Exposures - Create an image from two frames combined into one photo
  • Individual Shutter 3D - Take two shots from different angles to create a 3D image.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_pano-warning.jpgHere we can see the HS30's Motion Panorama 360 mode. This option allows you to just press the shutter and turn the camera to create panoramas up to 360 degrees. It will capture and stitch the images automatically in the camera. This mode has to be used at a specific focal length (wide angle), so if the manual zoom is not at wide angle it will display the warning message above telling you to move the zoom in order to start recording.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_scene_anim.gifIf none of the above fit your needs, the HS30 also offers a plethora of Scene Modes. They include: Natural Light, Natural Light & with Flash, Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Dog, Cat, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, and Text. These settings are designed to give you optimum results in a variety of different shooting situations.

fuji_hs30exr_rec_shooting-men_anim.gifShooting Menu:
  • ISO - Auto(400), Auto(800), Auto(1600), Auto(3200), 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
  • Image Size - L 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, M 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, S 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal
  • Dynamic Range -Auto (DR100%, DR200%, DR400%), DR800%, DR1600%
  • Film Simulation - Standard (Provia), Vivid (Velvia), Soft (Astia), Black&White and Sepia
  • WB Shift - Sliders to fine tune the white balance
  • Color - High, Mid, Low
  • Tone - Standard, Hard, Soft
  • Sharpness - Standard, Hard, Soft
  • Noise Reduction - High, Standard, Low
  • Intelligent Sharpness - On or Off
  • Intelligent Digital Zoom -On or Off
  • Advanced Anti-Blur - On or Off
  • Face Detection - On, Off
  • Face Recognition - On, Off, Register, View&Edit, Erase, Auto Registration
  • Movie Mode - Full HD1920, HD1280, 640, 320, HS 80fps, HS160fps, HS 320fps
  • Still Shooting in Movie - Movie Priority or Still Image Priority
  • AE BKT EV Steps - ±1/3 EV, ±2/3 EV, ±1 EV
  • Flash Compensation - ± 2/3EV in 1/3 EV steps
  • External Flash- On, Off
  • Custom Set - Use current settings for C position on the Mode Dial
  • Electronic Level - On or Off


Movie mode lets you capture high-quality video at various resolutions; including full 1080p HD. You can also choose lesser settings, which helps conserve memory card space; and some applications you don't need full HD. Thanks to the manual zoom lens, you have full use of the HS30's focal range while recording video. The frame rate is fixed at 30fps for all normal video recording modes.

The HS30 does offer some nice high-speed options, which allow you to capture slow-motion type video. This is great for studying movement, or for creating fun video. You can choose 80fps (640x480), 160fps (320x240), or 320fps (320x112). Just remember that your viewing area gets tighter as you increase the speed.

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