Record Screens & Menus

EXR Auto shooting mode is Fuji's version of the smart auto shooting modes found on other cameras. Fuji's system takes things one step further and along with choosing the settings and appropriate scene mode, it also chooses one of three image sensor modes as well. This is the perfect mode for anyone looking to just point and shoot the camera.

Here is auto mode, the camera still does all of the work, however, all of you images will be consistent, as the shooting scenes and sensor mode will stay the same.

Program mode is much like Auto, where the camera still selects the aperture and shutter speed for you, however now you have access to more advanced exposure controls, such as metering, focus mode, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, etc.

Above is a screen from one of the advanced shooting modes. These two modes (Pro Focus & Pro Low Light) allow you to point and shoot while the camera takes multiple exposures with each shutter press to create images that are not possible with one image.

This is Fuji's Motion Panorama 360 mode, allowing you to just press the shutter and turn the camera. It will capture and stitch your images for the entire 360 degrees.

Along with the auto shooting modes, the HS20 also includes full manual and shutter and aperture priority modes, giving you as much control as you want or need. There is also a manual focus ring for absolute control.

Scene Modes: Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Dog, Cat, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text, Natural&Flash and Natural Light

Pro Scene Modes:
  • Pro Focus - Pin-sharp subject with a soft background
  • Pro Low-Light - Enables you to capture images in low-light with low noise and no tripod

Left Side Controls: ISO, Auto Exposure, Auto Focus, Focus Moe and White Balance

Shooting Menu:
  • ISO - Auto(400), Auto(800), Auto(1600), Auto(3200), 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
  • Image Size - L 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, M 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, S 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal
  • Dynamic Range -Auto, DR100, DR200, DR400
  • Film Simulation - Standard, Vivid (Velvia), Soft (Astia), Black&White and Sepia
  • WB Shift - Sliders to fine tune the white balance
  • Color - High, Mid, Low
  • Tone - Standard, Hard, Soft
  • Sharpness - Standard, Hard, Soft
  • Noise Reduction - High, Standard, Low
  • Advanced Anti-Blur - On or Off
  • Face Detection - On, Off
  • Face Recognition - On, Off, Register, View&Edit, Erase, Auto Registration
  • Movie AF Mode - Center, Continuous
  • Movie Mode - Full HD1920, HD1280, 640, 320, HS 80fps, HS160fps, HS 320fps
  • AE BKT EV Steps - ±1/3 EV, ±2/3 EV, ±1 EV
  • Flash Compensation - ± 2/3EV in 1/3 EV steps
  • External Flash- On, Off
  • High Speed Shooting - On, Off
  • Bracketing - ± 1/3, 2/3, or 1 EV
  • Custom Set - Use current settings for C position on the Mode Dial
  • Electronic Level - On or Off

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