Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the play button brings up the last image captured or viewed in playback mode. You can choose between the standard info and no info by pressing the DISP button. Holding the INFO button on the left side shows you the advanced information and histogram.

Index mode allows you to search quickly through the images saved on the memory card. The camera will show thumbnails between 9 and 100 at a time. Unfortunately any images that have been rotated on a computer will show up as a question mark when put back into the camera.

Using the zoom control in playback mode allows you to zoom in on a captured image. The 4-way controller allows you to scroll around the image. This allows you to check the focus of your images.

The Playback menu allows you to: Erase a single frame or all frames, Mark Images for upload, Create a slide show, Remove Red Eye in your portraits, Rotate an image, Protect images, Crop (trim), Resize an image, Copy images between internal memory and the SD card, Record/Re-record a Voice Memo, Erase Face Recognition, Assign a print order and even assist you in creating a photobook.

Cropping allows you to trim your images to help improve the composition or remove an unwanted item from the edges of the images.

Resize allows you to make a smaller copy of an image that is already on the memory card. This is perfect for email and web upload, and also works well if you need to save some space on you card.

Rotating an image allows you to change its orientation by 90° at a time.

Your movies can be played back on the camera's LCD and built-in speaker. The 4-way controller also provides DVR-like controls. If the LCD isn't big enough for you, an optional HMI cord allows you to hook up to any HDTV.

Camera Setup Menu:
  • Date/Time - Set the date and time in the camera
  • Time Difference - Home, Local
  • Language - Set the language for the displayed text
  • Silent Mode - On, Off
  • Reset - Reset all camera menu options and camera settings to factory defaults
  • Format - Format the memory
  • Image Disp. - 3 Sec., 1.5 Sec, Zoom (Continuous), Off
  • Frame Number - Continuous, Renew
  • Operation Volume - Off, Low, Medium, High
  • Shutter Volume - Off, Low, Medium, High
  • Shutter Sound - Sound 1, Sound 2
  • Playback Volume - Set from 0 to 10
  • LCD Brightness - ± 5 steps
  • EVF/LCD Mode - 30fps, 60fps
  • Auto Power Off - 2 min., 5min. or Off
  • Quick Start Mode - Off, 10 Min, 24 Min
  • Dual IS Mode - Continuous, Shooting Only, 1+Digital IS, 2+Digital IS, Off
  • Red Eye Removal - On, Off
  • AF Illuminator - Off or On
  • AE/AF Lock Mode - AE/AF - Lock Only, R/A:Release/AE/AF - Lock
  • AE/AF Lock Button- AE Lock Only, AF Lock Only, AE/AF Lock
  • RAW - RAW+JPG, RAW, Off
  • Focus Check - On, Off
  • Save Original Image - Red Eye Removal, Pro Low-Light Mode, Multi Motion Capture, Motion Remover
  • Autorotate PB - On, Off
  • Background Color - Choose the menu background color scheme
  • Guidance Display - On, Off
  • Video System - NTSC or PAL
  • Custom Reset - Reset settings for the C (Custom) position on the Mode Dial
  • Battery Type - Select the battery type being used; Alkaline, NiMH, Lithium
  • Discharge - Discharge the batteries (not for use with NiMH cells)

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