FinePix HS10

FinePix HS10

Playback Screens & Menus


Pressing the Play button brings the camera into review mode. The last image of video captured is displayed full screen. Using the DISP/Back button will allow you to either view information, or clear information from the screen.

fuji_hs10_play_image_info.jpgA Histogram and extended shooting information can also be viewed by pressing (and holding) the" AF C-S-M" button on the left side of the LCD.

fuji_hs10_play_index_anim.gifIndexing the images is done using the ISO button on the left side of the LCD.. Pressing it gives you the several indexing options or 100 tiny thumbnails depending on how many times you press it. This option allows you to quickly search through stored files.

fuji_hs10_play_zoom_anim.gifUsing the "AE" button on the left side of the LCD allows you to magnify an image for critical inspection. You can zoom in multiple steps, which is great for checking focus, composition, facial expressions, etc.

fuji_hs10_play_menu_anim.gifThe Playback menu allows you to: Erase a single frame or all frames, Remove Red Eye in your portraits, Rotate an image, Protect images, Crop (trim), Resize an image, Copy images between internal memory and the SD card, Record/Re-record a Voice Memo, Crop a photo or Resize an image.

fuji_hs10_play_movie.jpgAbove is a sample of a recorded movie. The 4-way controller acts as the play button as well as stopping or pausing the movie.

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